It is for you and not for me…a spider to corporate HR

ImageThe corporate people must seek the answer from the management perspective, as why spiders don’t get trapped or ensnarled in their web whereas their prey animals easily get trapped?  


Before attempting to answer the above question, one has to ask why spiders build the web.  Most animals build their nest, burrows or hides only to protect themselves from the predators.  Further such safe place is also required for them to rear and nurse the young ones.   However, the spider is different from most animals.  The primary purpose of building the web is only to trap the prey. 


Another important thing is that the web is made by both sticky and non sticky materials.  Since the spiders know the difference, they avoid getting trapped in their ‘trap’ that they set for others. 


Every corporate will have one or many such spiders.  Their only job is to trap others at the behest of the bosses or the top management or the HR function.  When they effectively trap people and pass such information to the corporate leaders, they are only proving their effectiveness.  Even if someone goes and complain to the top management or the HR function about such people as they do nothing but spying and trapping people and even if they offers sufficient evidences against such people, no action will be taken against them.  All such evidences will never hold any water and these spiders never get caught in them.


Why these spiders never get caught is because they are appointed only to ‘spy and trap’ people in corporate as what people are doing, do they have any contact with the competitor company, do they pass any secrets of the organization etc.  The question is not about these people and what they do is right or not.


No one in the organization can trap these people like how a spider never gets trapped in its web.  It makes the web only to trap others.   Similarly these people are appointed only to trap others and none can trap them.


If you lodge a complain about someone to the top management and after you have provided sufficient evidence about their activity, still the top management or the HR function is not taking any action against them means, you will have to assume and accept in all probability, they are ‘spiders’ in the corporate and are appointed/created by the management like how nature has created ‘spiders’.  They will definitely make the web only to trap people and they will never get trapped in such webs. 


To avoid getting trapped in such webs, one has to be frugal and straight forward.  Once the high ethics and morals are followed and practiced by all, these spiders will definitely vanish from the corporate ecosystem. 


Many corporate and HR functions engage and employ ‘spiders’ to espionage people.  Building trust and infusing confidence on people is inevitable rather than checking/suspecting the ‘integrity’ of people.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai     


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