They are very venomous only to teach the corporate

ImageAbout the Brazilian wandering spiders, the corporate world, especially the leaders must know well.  Unlike many species of spiders that live in their web or lair, the wandering spiders usually wander in the jungle floor or hide beneath dried leaves or reside inside termite mounds.   They are one of the most venomous spiders in the world.  The venom is so deadly and can kill humans. 


Interestingly the spider is not as big as to our imagination.  The body size may measure only a few centimeters.  The spider has venom and it may be to kill its prey or for its defense.  Such a small spider definitely would expect threat only from the animals of similar size or just above than that.  Its prey also can only smaller than it or just equal to it.  The question is why such a small spider carries such deadly poison.  Why nature has created this arachnid differently, than others ‘as a wanderer’.  If this spider lives in its web, humans and many other animals can easily avoid it. 


It appears nature has definite reason and purpose for the above.   Danger never should be in the ‘known’.  If it is known, it is not danger as all sensible life forms can easily avoid it.  Only when it is not known or it can strike from an unknown quadrant, one will be alert, careful, vigilant and watchful.   If this order is not created by nature, carelessness and chaos only will prevail as people can know what is dangerous and what is not. 


The market reality, competition, global changes, changing expectation of the end users etc., are like ‘deadly poisonous Brazilian wandering spiders’.  They can strike the corporate to death without any forewarning or prelude.   Only when people are vigilant, watchful, careful, alert etc., can sustain the space, value and relevance of the organization and its products. 


Above is true for individuals also.  They have to be alert in knowing the development that is happening around, must improve and improvise their skills & knowledge, must inculcate leadership qualities and capabilities etc to remain ‘unchallengeable’ in the organization.  By singing the ‘saga’ of yesteryear or what they have achieved decades ago will not offer any immunity to them from the ‘Brazilian wandering spider’ in the business world.


Unfortunately, some corporate and its leaders know only to recite what ‘innovation’ they had made decades ago and nothing else.  The truth is that they have nothing else to talk.  Some corporate that is owned by ‘single man’ do often engage in such discourses.  In most interviews, they talk only about the history of their achievement. 


The creation of Brazilian wandering spider is not just another creation of nature.  It has been created only to send out a strong management message to the corporate leaders.   The likely uncertainty in the market place is like the wandering spider and it can kill or paralyze the organization if the organization fails to conduct itself with the required level of alertness and awareness.  Even a little storm in the tea cup in business world also must be interpreted sensibly.  It can be a sign of change.  If it is under read, the consequence would be disastrous. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai   







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