Dear corporate leaders, please learn from bald eagle

From the unique parental care behaviour of the birds like bald eagle and coot, the corporate leaders and the HR functions have lot to learn about the corporate governance and empowering people.  Both species of birds incubate their eggs and rear chicks.  Once the chicks hatch out from the eggs, the parent birds feed, nurse and care the nestlings.  When the chicks are grown considerably, the parent birds stop feeding the chicks in the nest and instead they keep the prey at the entrance of the nest.  They do so only to push the chicks out of the nest as they do not want the chicks to remain in the nest.  Only by doing, they can make the chicks confident, courageous and independent.


When the chicks are not fed by the parent birds by taking the food to the nest, naturally the chicks will be hungry and feel the need for food.  Hunger will certainly makes one to move/ break the monotony.  The parent birds perhaps know this well.  The parent birds, when smartly place the prey animal at the entrance of the nest, the hungry nestling tries to come out of the nest towards the food and sees the world.  From thereon, they become independent and free.  Unless an adversity (hunger) or such necessity is created, the chicks may not like to move out of the nest so easily.  Adversity alone should not be enough.  A hope also must be given especially when one is hopeless.   When a hope is shown, from adversity, one naturally derives strength and become successful.


The corporate leaders must learn this management wisdom of a bald eagle or coot.  Nature has engineered the above management concept in these birds only to develop capability in their chicks from incapability and make them self reliant and independent. 


To achieve the above, sometime creating some level of adversity is essential.  That is why coot and bald eagle instead of feeding the nestling in the nest as they used to do before, force the grown up chicks to come out of the nest and eat the prey or otherwise remain hungry in the nest.  The nestling chicks only when compelled to do by the parent birds, develop confidence.  The bald eagle or coot do so only to make the chicks capable soon and they should not be allowed to remain incapable in the nest.  That is why the management technique of, ‘create an adversity, give hope, show help and then ensure success’, is employed by birds like the bald eagle and coot to their chicks.


Unfortunately most of the corporate leaders know only to create hopelessness in people.  They also ensure helpless people to remain helpless.   They do not know how to help the helpless people through hope and make them successful leaders.  


Some corporate leaders know that by creating adversity only, can bring difference.  Adversity alone will never work.  Hope should accompany adversity and from hope, strength and then capability.  This management approach only, the bald eagle and coot have applied while making their chicks independent and self reliant.  


The HR function should make the corporate leaders to be like bald eagle and coot only then the organization become successful.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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