When you cannot learn from a chicken egg….a corporate management message

The insightful management wisdom that has gone into the evolution of different species on earth is indeed amazing.  The people who bet a lot on their ‘knowledge’, ‘experience’ and ‘skills’ in corporate must realize that the above, while giving strength to them, should not limit their future growth and development.  


Look at the avian eggs.  The egg shell is reported to constitute only 12% of the total weight of the egg.  It means, 88% of the weight of the egg is due to the yolk, albumin and the zygote.  What really protects the egg yolk, albumin and the zygote that constitutes 88% of total weight is the hard, strong shell of 12%.  The shell has to be sufficiently strong only then it can offer the required level of protection to the eggs.  But remember, it constitute only 12%.  Further the strong, hard egg shell should not be too strong to a growing chick inside the egg.  The chick, when hatch out, must able to break open the egg shell from within. 


Understand the fact that the nature has not blindly made the egg shell as strong as it has only one purpose and that is, protect the egg contents.  The egg contents have to be protected only to support the zygote to grow and become a chick.  Once the chick grows in the egg, the egg shell must break easily and only then the chick can emerge out. 


The binding on ones knowledge, experience and skills must give strength to one to combat and compete in the world.  It should make one confident, independent and empowered.   The strength should be to meet the world outside.  The same strength (knowledge, experience and skills) should never make one to be arrogant and rude.  If one becomes so, it would be like, however strong egg shell be, if it doesn’t allow the chick to break and hatch out, such strong egg shell will serve only danger and disaster to the avian population. 


See the science and art of nature.  The strength to protect should do only the said purpose and it should never limit ones growth is the management approach nature has followed while creating eggs.  Knowing the deeper implications of every action and defining the actions accordingly is what the nature communicates to the corporate world.  Spot decisions and planning without knowing or studying other consequences should not be the leadership style of people in corporate. 


If the eggs shell is unimaginably strong means, certainly such eggs will be safe and none can break or damage them.  The same strength of the egg shell also will pose challenge to the chicks from hatching out.   Remember strength should not be allowed to be ‘strong’ forever and simultaneously the weak should never be allowed to remain ‘weak’ forever.  That is why nature has enormous diversity in species of flora and fauna. 


Co-existence of ‘contrast and contradictions’ is the greatest management law, nature has always followed in its creation.


Everyone in the corporate while taking pride from their knowledge, experience and skills, should remember that the same pride should never make them arrogant.  If such arrogance ever sets, people become totally ignorant in due course of time as knowledge expands but never the people who think they are already ‘knowledgeable’. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai Image


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