Unwise cows in corporate…a HR message

Why a cow can be lead to climb up the staircase and not to climb down?  Is it the legs of a cow are not strong enough to support the animal to climb down?  If so, how it helps to climb up the stair case?  To climb up or climb down, generally one need more strength?


To climb up a staircase, the strength of the legs is reasonably sufficient and hence a cow could do so.  But to climb down, besides strength, flexibility of the legs is essential and such flexibility, the legs of a cow is lacking and that is why they struggle to climb down a staircase.     


That is why most of the strong leaders in corporate fail to lead their team to success despite they being ‘strong and capable’.  They lack flexibility.   Ones strength either in their knowledge or intelligence will definitely take them to success.  But to go down to people, understand them and guide them, it is not just the strength, flexibility is necessary. 


Interestingly the people in the team may hold great respect for such strong leaders.  But despite people having respects and sincerity on such strong leaders, the leaders cannot lead or guide the people to success.  It is like how the strong legs help a cow only to climb up the staircase and how the same strong legs because they lack flexibility, doesn’t help the same cow to climb down the staircase, so are some corporate leaders.


To move up is reasonably a well focused activity.  If the effort and strength meets, the goal can be easily achieved.  But to climb down, effort, strength and besides that balance is also needed.  To balance, definitely flexibility is essential. 


To balance means, calibrate the extremes and to achieve the same, flexibility is must.  The management message of nature through the creation of cow is that the strength when support one to achieve a task, the same strength also may fail if it fails to seek the support of ‘flexibility’ in achieving another task. 


Nature sends different management message to the corporate through its every creation.  The corporate can learn them better only if they observe and study nature.   Management is not a different subject from science as every scientific principle has a management message to learn. 


The simple behaviour of a cow when one makes it to climb up a staircase and climb down from it; one can learn a strong leadership insight.  When you take pride in your strength, after an achievement, ask whether you are also flexible to be ‘strong’ to achieve further.   If not, please learn from the struggle of a cow while climbing down a staircase. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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