Wise European white storks in corporate world

When you are not capable, your people will never prefer to be as incapable as you, and they may leave you is the message the young European white stork conveys to the corporate leaders.   Many corporate suffer from attrition (people resigning from the job) and joining other companies.  It is not just the better salary offered by other companies that makes people to leave the organization.  That is how most HR love to describe and define. 


Scientific studies have proved that the chicks of European white stork dessert its parents and join other near by colonies of storks.  They do so only when they find their parents to be poor predators, hunters and are not capable of offering the best food to them.   Perhaps the young chicks do not want to be with such parents as they may not learn or develop the required competencies to be successful in future. 


Success not only demands sacrifice, it also requires right choice.  The young European white storks have to dessert or abandon their parents as from them they learn only ‘weak approaches’ or ‘hunting techniques’.   To learn the right lessons, they have to join other colonies and hence they leave their parents at young age.  When the question of future versus sentiments/affection is posed before them, perhaps, the European white stork prefers the former than the later.


The people in corporate must audit the fact that whether the corporate they work has sufficient opportunity to develop their talents and capabilities.  The people with whom they work, associate and report to are whether capable or not, also they must validate.  If the bosses are incapable, only incapability, the subordinates will pick up from such bosses. 


Even in animal world, no one wants to be incapable and incompetent.  In order to be so, they make wises choices barring sentiments and affections. 


The corporate people must learn their management lesson from the young European white storks otherwise they will have to remain incompetent and incapable in the same organization.   It is not the parental care, parental teaching is more important for the young European white storks.  When they find such learning scope is limited from their parents, they leave them and join other colonies. 


But many people in corporate give value and importance only to safety and job security.  When one succumbs to such feelings or fear, the choices become limited.   The message is that be like a young European white stork and have your choice wise and future centric.   People should never dilly dally between sentiments and ones capability.    Only when one learns to operate from outside the premises of sentiments, the choice will be wise and right is the message the European white stork conveys to corporate. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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