Embryo’s corporate wisdom

Why the embryos of sharks kill/cannibalize their own siblings in the mother’s womb?  Are the sharks by birth, very cruel and heartless?  Why they have to resort to cannibalism at such a young age?  Don’t they have anything to eat in the womb of their mother?


Should we understand the above rare/unique behaviour of the embryo sharks from the scientific angle or from an emotional angle?  Is there any special management message, the corporate has to learn from the above?


The management message, embryos of the shark conveys is that if one has to become the best, one has to struggle and nature offers everything ‘for the best’ for one, to become the best.   It is the responsibility of every one to become the best.  The effort to become so, resides in every second and there is no special/auspicious time to start.   


Unlike most animals, the female shark mates with multiple males and also fertilizes the embryos of different husbands.    Definitely, some are born to the weak males and some to the stronger ones.  The embryos that are produced of strong males cannibalize the embryos of the weaker males.  The ‘power and wisdom’ necessary for the embryos of the stronger males to recognize the embryos of the weaker males, nature has provided to them.  That is what nature can offer.  For the best, nature has offered its best.  But to be the best, only the embryo of the stronger male has to establish and prove.


In every corporate, the opportunity ‘for the best’ to every individual employee pre-exist.   It is the primary and fundamental responsibility of everyone in the corporate to recognize the existence of the best opportunity and must become the best.


Complaining or grieving has little scope in ones growth.  Similarly the best is not conferred by anyone to anyone but it has to be achieved or attained.   As soon as the embryo of the shark hatches out from the egg, quickly it learns this management approach and becomes the best.


To become the best, one need to recognize the opportunity and must do the needful.  Strength to become the best is always there in every one and the opportunity to become the best also pre-exist.  Besides knowing, one has to work hard.


Unfortunately, the people in most corporate seldom recognize the above mystical truth of nature.  They always wait for the opportunity or blame the fate.  The effort to become the best start from the very second is the strongest management message the embryos of the shark communicates.   They never wait for some more time.  They sense the opportunity and recognize the innate strength within and become so.

The wonder of nature is profound and prolific and hence the corporate leaders have a lot to learn from the nature.    Be the best, already the best is there for you.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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