Do not be silly…an African spiny mouse to corporate

It is worth losing than having, if it saves the life.  This is also one of the finest management messages/approaches, the nature shares with the corporate.  The nature is not simply shares the above message as an advice or theory but it also gives the best example for one to learn and accept.  The African spiny mouse, a species of rodent is appeared to have created by nature only by following the above tenet. 


Skin of the African spiny mouse is very thin and hence it easily gets breaks or peeled off with the least tension, especially when a predator catches the animal.  Interestingly, the entire skin with the hair follicles regenerates in a few days.  Because of the weak and easily breakable skin, the animal escapes from the predator.  Naturally the predator is left with a piece of skin while the animal would have moved to a safe place.


The message is that never bother too much about what you lose but recognize what you gain ultimately by loosing something.  For the African spiny mouse, saving its life assumes importance than loosing a piece of skin.  Hence the evolution would have favoured the animal with very lose and weak skin that breaks easily with least tension.   The regenerating capacity of the skin of African spiny mouse also has attracted the scientists of evolutionary biology and skin biology in equal measure.


In corporate, the people must adopt the approach of an African spiny mouse while conducting business.  The larger interest and the goal only should drive and kindle people in corporate and they should never compromise the larger interest and goal to some petty loses.  But unfortunately, most people in corporate give enormous value to ‘petty’ things and run after it.  They grossly miss the larger interest, either of their own or of the corporate.


Most corporate bosses often fall prey to such petty leadership style.  They give more importance to the ‘yours obediently behaviour’ of their subordinates than their work acumen, intelligence, commitment and other meritorious qualities.   A simple incidence of the subordinates has not greeted the boss become an issue in some corporate.  Such subordinates, however talented they might be, are not liked by the bosses in general as the ego becomes everything. 


The subordinates also must understand the fact that if their bosses likes only petty things like ‘yours obediently’ behaviour from the subordinates means, learn to respect the same to some extend, however unfortunate it may be.


The message is that people should be driven only by the larger interest/goal in life and trivial things should never bother them.  They should be like how an African spiny mouse that lose its skin to save its life. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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