Why hyena cubs behave so… learn HR leaders

Over advantage/uniqueness/freedom given to people in corporate or animals by nature can sometime go dangerous and defeating is the management message, the new born cubs/pups/young ones of the African spotted hyena conveys to corporate.   In the name of empowering and enabling people, if over advantages are given to people when they do not really worth the same, the result can only be disastrous to the organization as a whole.


In some corporate, in the name of implementing ‘sober HR culture’, even people in the lower rank and file are given undue advantages and powers.    If the people do not have adequate wisdom, maturity and leadership style, the advantages given only will make them worse and harmful.


The spotted hyena is unique in its reproductive biology when compared to most carnivorous animals.   Unlike the young ones of wild dog, lion, tiger etc., at birth, the young ones of spotted hyena are ‘precocious’, means, eyes completely open, teeth fully grown and able to move around and ‘fend’ themselves considerably.   Whereas the young ones of most carnivorous animals at birth are ‘altrecious’ means, eyes closed, totally helpless and incapable of doing anything. 


It is assumed that when the hyena cubs born as precocious young ones, they are relatively safer than the altrecious young ones of other carnivore, from their predators/enemies.   But unfortunately, good proportion of cubs of spotted hyena in every litter dies at an early age due to fierce fight within siblings.  When all cubs are fully developed, can differentiate who is weak and who is strong and accordingly the stronger ones attack the weaker ones to improve their chance of survival.  Due to the fear of attack, the weaker cubs at most instances avoid even coming out of den to eat and hence suffer from starvation.  They die at the end.


Imagine, if the cubs of hyena were altrecious, such fierce fight may not occur at such an early age and the success rate (survival rate of all cubs) also may go higher.   The advantage what the baby hyena has at birth only proving disastrous to the entire clan.  This may be for natural selection. 


But in corporate scenario, if people are not fully matured and have adequate leadership quality and if such people are given powers & freedom will do no good to any corporate.   Give freedom, independence, powder and decision making authority only to those who really worth otherwise they become like precocious hyena cubs, resort to nothing except proving their dominance and eliminating the ‘weaker’ ones.    In the society of hyena, natural selection favour the best.  In corporate, the natural selection should protect every role and not, only the best role.  


Remember, giving people over advantage, freedom, authority to take decision etc., can go dangerous and therefore carefully identify and select people.  In the name of bringing novel HR culture, never make the corporate to be like the clan of hyena cubs where the advantage only will help one to attack and kill the other. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImageW


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