Love for life, the cause of adaptation…a corporate message

The corporate leaders and every employee must find an answer to the question of why so much of adaptations and species diversity, nature supports.  If they simply look at the plant kingdom, they can understand the successful existence of plants in every part of the world viz., dessert (cactus), saline ecosystem (mangroves), aquatic plants, flowering & non flowering plants, epiphytes, parasites, symbiont, commensal one, carnivore, as simple thallus (algae) etc.  


Such diversity among animals is equally mind boggling and amazing to describe.  Why so much of adaptation has occurred.  Definitely, only necessity would have triggered different species to become so.  What really triggers or kindly such ‘necessity’?


‘The love for life’ only has created/kindled such necessity in every species of life in this biome.  Imagine, if such love for life is not there, many plants and animals would have died and disappeared long ago than adapting to resist, combat, compete and finally be successful.   Once the life form showed the love for their life, the nature has certainly extended its support and favoured them to adapt and evolve to live in the given environment barring the adversity or limitation.


The management message is very sound and superb.  Only when one love oneself and ones own life, different ways and means to live the life in its full measure become possible.  Running away from adversity or difficulty, looking for the best place to live etc., will not give strength or intelligence to anyone.  Fighting and waging an endless war also will not give success.  Learn to overcome the limitation or adversity is the strong management message nature conveys to the corporate.   To achieve the above everyone has to love themselves profoundly.


Interestingly, the people in most corporate love their ‘fear’ as well as the sense of their ‘insecurity’ deeply than anything else.  Because of the fear and insecurity, they always hold relatively ‘low self esteem’, accepting limitations to be as part of destiny and be ‘subordinate’ to every event.   Unfortunately instead of drawing strength from their love for their life, they draw ‘weaknesses.  


Nature has supported different species accordingly only when they have shown undying ‘love for their life’.  Even the genes and chromosomes in every cell has responded and changed only when the mind create such strong energy field – love for life


The corporate people besides loving their profession or corporate, should love themselves first and once they develop such love, automatically they will find ways to deal all difficulties and problems.   This is what one has to learn either from a deer or cheetah or buffalo and lion or from cactus or lotus plant.   Adaptation is possible only when one love to live and be successful.      

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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