Get the insight of toads…a hr message

The scientists from Australia have recently discovered the most curious fact about toads, that the toads (an amphibian animal, closely related to frogs) can sense the impending earthquake much before, in fact, many days in advance.  


The discovery further revealed that, they exhibit several behavioural responses as a result of forthcoming seismic changes.  Is it a mere scientific discovery holds relevance and meaning only to the scientific community or it also conveys some strong management message to the corporate world?   Indeed, the corporate has lots to learn from the above discovery, sometime, much bigger message than what the scientific community has to.


The scientists say that, the toads that usually reside beneath dead logs, marshy places etc are gently different from frogs by being slow in their locomotion.  The toads prefer to walk than hoop or jump, like most frogs.  May be, because of this innate limitation, the toads would have evolved with such rare sense of knowing/recognizing the arrival of an earthquake in advance through many signals that are not easily known to humans.  Only then the toads could move to a safer place.


Many people in corporate may appear like toads, slow and not so swift in their responses.  Possibly such people are described as ‘dull headed’ and ‘least effective’ people by the corporate.   Due to such dull repute and recognition given to such people, no one listens to them in general or would take them seriously.   For anything and everything the corporate always banks on the so called ‘intelligentsia’ or ‘thinkers’ and never take the help of the so called the slow ‘toads’. 


The ‘so called slow toads’ in corporate may predict certain facts better and accurately than the ‘intelligentsia’.  Their reflection can be true, authentic and free from any interpretation or narration.   The corporate leaders must learn to understand the message straight from the signals or the cues than interpreting or defining them.  The average people can provide such signals more accurately than the ‘intelligentsia’. 


Like the scientists how smartly have discovered the rare genius of toads in sensing the earthquake in advance, the corporate leaders also must develop capability to decipher the message and meaning communicated by the ‘slow and very average people’ in the organization. 


Most of the time, the ordinary people can provide an extraordinary message.  But such an extraordinary message is not being available to most of the corporate leaders purely due to the indifference and pre-conceived notion of the corporate leadership. 


How one appears to us may not be real, in real sense.  The extrapolation and opinion of the sear (the one who is seeing) also contributes to how others appear to him/her.   Hence, more often, what one see is only an extension of what one wants to see in others.  


Be an investigator and scientist in your approach, look for meaning and difference with agog, abandon your conclusions and prejudiced views is the strong management message the corporate has to derive from the recent discovery of Australian scientists about the ability of toads in sensing an impending earthquake convey. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai   Image


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