Like Panda… they also perform – A HR message

Why the population panda is getting limited, diminishing and dwindling continuously despite several protection measures and conservation initiatives?  Many scientific reasons one can offer/attributes to the above.  But all these reasons will be limited to biology and ecology of the animal.  But the modern corporate has approach and understand the above problem strictly from the management perspective.


The mother panda is known to exhibit strange parental care behaviour while nursing her pups.   The female panda usually gives birth to two pups.  But often they care only one and the other pup either die of negligence/lack of care or due to the accidental crushing by own mother while in her sleep. 


The future always starts only from the present.  What one does at present only would reach the future and nothing else as the future is only the extension of the present.  When the mother pandas invest least care and attention to their own pups, naturally the pups would die.  When one to the every two pups dies, the population of pandas would naturally decline and dwindle. 


The care, attention and importance one gives to ones responsibility/duty only will produce the fruitful result at the end.  Most corporate will be having a lot of talented people.   The people also will be making right initiatives but at the end, they may not be producing the desired/expected result.  The reason being, most people may not pursue all the initiatives till the end, may be due to ‘Panda Syndrome’.  Unfortunately instead of knowing and analyzing the reason for the above, the corporate leaders and the HR function may engage only in blaming and punishing the people and the system.  If they analyze the real cause, certainly the problem can be easily corrected or solved. 


Most people in corporate may behave like mother panda.  Knowingly or unknowingly, they attend and care less about their projects/work/initiatives till the end and hence become less productive.  In most instances, they will not to be completing all the assignments and instead drop them in the middle.  This would end up in people always working but no useful results are forthcoming.  


The captive breeding approach has helped reasonably to conserve the panda population from extinction.  In fact, it had lessened their burden of parental care.  All that the pandas have to do was only to give birth to pups and the pups were cared separately. 


The corporate leaders must train the people how to nurse, care & sustain the interest in their work and achieve success from all the activities they were engaged in.  Many would start the work with high steam & spirit and would drop it in the middle and hence only the effort remains without any result. 


Identify the people who exhibit the panda psychology or behaviour or syndrome and help them complete the task for the overall growth of the organization is the massage, nature conveys through the unique parental care behaviour of pandas and its consequence. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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