Wisdom and vision of Harp seal….a must for modern corporate

‘Offering the best is only my responsibility and fight is yours’ is the management message, the Harp seal teaches the corporate leaders across the world.  Only when a leader commit aggressively to his or her task, they can offer ‘the best’ to their team members. Rest of the journey, only the subordinates/team members have to undertake and complete.   If the message is not clear, the corporate people have to understand the same from the unique parental care of Harp seals. 


The harp seal or otherwise called as saddleback seals live in northernmost regions of Atlantic Ocean and parts of Arctic Ocean.  After about 3 month gestation period, the mother delivers a single pup.   She will feed the pup continuously for 2 weeks with the milk which is extraordinarily rich in protein and other nutrients.  The pup, during the period grows three times bigger than from its birth weight.  Abruptly, the mother leaves the pup after 2 week of nursing and look for a suitable partner to mate again and get ready to deliver another pup.  The pup has to help itself.  Nature has its way. 


The Harp seal mother offers the best to the pup.  She during milking period never moves away from the pup or hunts or eats anything.  All she will be doing is feeding the pup. She gives the best, ensures the pup grows the best and then she focus on producing her next pup.  The pup has to fight and must find its way.  That is how she became successful.  She was also left like that only by her mother.   When best is offered to the pup, the rest or fight also must be left to the pup. 


The corporate leaders must imbibe the message of Harp seal correctly.  In the name of mentoring and managing people, they should not waste their time.  Many people love to project them as best people managers and know the art of how to make others to perform.   What about their task? 


The ‘people leaders’ must be trained to offer the best and then they should focus on own task.  The people know how to continue.  Unfortunately, some corporate clearly divide people as ‘performers’ and ‘performers performer’ (those who do nothing by claim that they only make others to perform or ideally the bosses).  Once the performers are offered the best and the task is well set, they automatically perform.  They know to perform and that is why they are called performers. 


Learn from the Harp seal.  It knows the fact that the instinct of its pup is very strong.  When the pup is given the best, it knows the rest.  Only because of such wisdom, Harp seals could continue their generation successfully.   Harp seal mother can possibly produce may be two or more pups in the given year if she frees herself quickly from nursing the pup.  That is why she ‘seals her deal’ abruptly with the pup and goes away.  


The corporate must smartly enthuse Harp seal wisdom upon people in corporate.  People have to be task centric and in the name of mentoring and managing people, should not be allowed to waste time and resource. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai



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