When to follow the strategy of abscission and ambition

The emotions viz., – ‘abscission’ and ‘ambition’ are known to control and dominate the leadership style of most people in corporate.   In true sense both emotions are inevitable for leaders but how one should calibrate and operate with the above emotions during different situations, the leaders must really understand and only that makes one a distinguishable leader.  Nature has one of the finest examples for the corporate leaders to learn about how to manage the above two emotions.


The perennial plants can either be evergreen (plants do not follow leaf shedding process) or deciduous (plants shed leaves during autumn).  During autumn the plants cannot afford to have their leaves as it would cause great economic loss to the plant as the rate of water loss (transpiration) through the leaves will be high during such season.  Further such loss also would affect the flowering and fruiting of the plants during the subsequent seasons.   So they shift to ‘abscission’ style and shed leaves.  That is how many plants have become ‘deciduous’. 


Imagine if the plants were so obsessed and ambitious about their leaves and were unwilling to shed them means, only their final goal of flowering and producing large number of fruits/seeds would suffer.  The plants, appears to have clearly understood their purpose well.  The seasonal impact, the weather change etc., the plants cannot influence or change or alter.  All they can do is that they can bring all the necessary changes within them.   Only when one is extremely goal centric, can wisely employ the art of how to accept the loss or retreat or submission and become a winner. 


If the plants were so obsessed and ambitions with the fact that they must always bear & be with leaves, resist and fight the odds & must win, only they incur loss and nothing else.  


They do exhibit obsession and ambition when the conditions are favourable by producing enormous flowers and fruits and out of which one or two may become a new plant.   To ensure the success of one or two of its seeds become a new plant, they exhibit high level of obsession by producing thousands of flowers and fruits.  Indeed a huge investment they make.


The message is that show obsession and ambition in your performance and achieving the goal and show abscission when it is not worth to be with ‘obsession and ambition’.  Never go by the myth of accepting ‘retreat’ is against fight and winning.   Sometime withdrawing from fight will reward victory than fighting. 


The corporate leaders must understand the two important dimensions viz., abscission and ambition and should treat them as complimentary aspects and not conflicting or as forces opposite to each other.   The success of deciduous plants does not just come from their flowering and seed dispersal alone, but also by being humble by shedding their leaves during autumn.  Thereby they save the resource for flowering and fruiting.


Be wise to invest your effort to achieve your goal and not spent your resource and waste your effort is the message the deciduous plants conveys to corporate leaders.   


It is not from expenditure; only from wise investments, one will find success is the message nature shares.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai        Image


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