Fear and intelligence behind disguise…a corporate message

Every one in the corporate do consciously and advertently disguise either their ‘identity’, ‘feelings’, ‘views’, ‘opinion’ or ‘strategy’ etc, sometime or most of the time.   It will be definitely happening in the life of every one on earth.  The question is that whether such an act of disguise is against honesty & straightforwardness?  Can anyone call disguise to be cheating? 


It is not the disguise that makes ones intentions bad or good and so the consequence, only the predisposing factors that make one to disguise the identity, feelings, view etc defines its real meaning.  


Look at the life of predatory animals.  All the predatory animals never boast their power and strength before its prey especially when they are getting ready for a hunt.  They try to disguise their identity the best and only then they could win the prey.  No predator will ever employ the strategy of ‘disguise’ out of fear.  Only to achieve their goal they disguise their identity.   But quite contrary to that, all prey animals adopt the strategy of ‘disguise’ out of fear. 


Look at the beauty of the nature.  Due to the strategy of ‘disguise’, the predatory animals in general achieve the prey and even if they fail, they become more achievement centric in their effort in future.  Whereas, the prey animals either saves its life through disguise of its identity or fall victim to the predator.  However, the fear continues in the life of those animals that narrowly escaped.  The prey animals even when adopts the disguise technique, still are doubtful of their safety. 


Disguise will bring success, focus and passion only if when one employs the above strategy out of intelligence and wisdom not out of fear and uncertainty.  The comparison of the ‘strategy of disguise’ of the prey and predatory animals may not be right and appropriate for the corporate.  But a right management message the corporate can definitely learn from the above comparison.    


The message is that, develop strength, capability, intelligence and wisdom and then use the strategy of disguise if necessary.  Instead, do not resort to disguise technique out of fear and if one does so, have to live in fear for the rest of life without developing any capability and strength.  This management message only the predatory animals and prey species, convey to the corporate.


Let you employ the strategy of disguise despite having strength and capability and never subdue to fear and never let your fear to engineer your success strategy.  The predisposing factor of ‘disguise strategy’ should be the ‘capability’ and not the ‘weaknesses’.     Weakness only will weaken ones success strategy, however effective the strategy shall be.  It is not just the strategy that helps one to win but what emotional sate oImagef mind that gives birth to such strategy only determines the end result. 


One may keep improving the strategy of disguise like how different species of prey animals have evolved with different disguise strategies to hide/conceal/camouflage their identity, but at the end, despite having different advantages, one have live the life of a prey if right emotion is not developed.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai  


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