Corporate management wisdom of bear cubs

Sooner you learn the art, sooner you become successful is the management message the bear cubs reveals to the corporate world.  The young animals, be it cub, calf or pup or fawn or lamb etc., are the soft and easy target of most predatory animals.  That is why the parental care and parental instincts are high among most animals including humans.    Further, many species of animals invest a lot of time and effort in parental care and brood care.  However, the responsibility caring and guarding the young ones is not the sole and the only responsibility of the parents.  The young ones also must learn the art of safeguarding themselves. 


For the bear cubs, learn quickly to climb onto tall trees is the safest and easiest option to save their life.  Hence, as soon as they are born, they quickly learn the art of climbing onto to trees even on the trees that are completely vertical.  The long claws help them to hold onto the tree trunk while climbing.  As soon as the cubs see the predators like wild dog or hyena, they immediately climb onto a tree.  Faster they climb up a tree, safer they become.   This self defense is required for the cubs only when the mother bear has gone out in search of food after leaving the cubs alone near the den.  When the cub climbs up a tall tree, the predatory animals find it hard to catch them as they cannot climb trees. 


The message is clear.  The people in corporate must climb the ladder of hierarchy quickly and must occupy the higher position soon and only then they become successful.  Like how it is the responsibility of the cub to quickly climb up the tree and must learn and perfect the art of climbing the tree fast, the people in corporate also must perform smartly and strategically and must find their way to reach the top position.   Unfortunately, most people get stagnated in the middle and lower manager level designations even at the age of late forties and sometime may continue in the same position till superannuation.   As a result of this career stagnation, they feel highly insecure and scared like the plight of a bear cub on ground especially when the predators are near. 


The management messages of the bear cub are


  1. Learn quickly the art of success instincts
  2. Reach the top quickly


It is not when an opportunity is known and absolute, one should try ones luck, but instead one should make it happen especially when there is threat, insecurity, least options and lack of help and support, and become successful.  The bear cubs quickly climb the tree top only when they are helpless (the mother has left them alone and had gone out in search of food) and are further threatened by the predators. 


It is not filling up an opportunity that exist in the corporate is called ones success but creating an opportunity through ones merit and talent only defines ones success.  Only such success would take one to further success. 


The people who stuck at some levels/designations must necessarily learn the management message of the bear cubs.     Never look for an opportunity and never look for godfather or help or support from your corporate.  But learn the art of being successful and put your merits and talents to full use when situation is bad and uncertain and become successful.      


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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