Parsimonious parent…learn the HR wisdom from crocodiles

Parental care instinct is poor and primitive among reptiles when compared to mammals and wide variety of birds.  The crocodiles are the best example for the limited/parsimonious parental care instincts and responsibility shown by different reptiles.  If we read the above lines with limited understanding, only half truth would emerge and even from the half truth, the modern corporate has lot to learn.   Indeed, the crocodiles have a point to prove to the corporate. 


Crocodiles don’t incubate the eggs like birds.  They dig a pit in the soil and burry the eggs.  The eggs would later hatch out.   The crocodile always ensures that its nesting site is closer to water so that the baby crocodiles can quickly reach the water.  Because of the large number of eggs the giant reptile used to lay, naturally the large number of baby crocodiles do emerges out simultaneously.   Most of the baby crocodiles easily find their way to the stomach of its predators during its journey from the nesting site to water.   The irony is that how the crocodiles are the most ferocious predators on earth, so are the baby crocodiles, the most favourite prey of many predatory animals. 


The interesting management message to be learned is that although the mother crocodile does not incubate and hatch out the eggs, but it do help the baby crocodiles to safely reach water.  The mother crocodiles used to carefully gather and carry the baby crocodiles in their moth and release them safely in water. 


Imagine the jaw powder of a crocodile is unmatchable.  No animal in the entire animal kingdom has such powerful jaw force.  With such jaw force, the mother crocodile carefully and safely carry the babies in their mouth.   If the mother does not render such help to the baby crocodiles, none of the baby crocodiles would ever escape the predation. 


The management message is that the mother crocodile, although does not engage in parenting and ‘caring’ the eggs like many other animals, but never fails to render  ‘help’ the babies when such ‘help’ is absolutely needed. 


The management message is that even if one does not care others, but should not refrain from helping them when needed.  Help them even if you don’t care them is the message perhaps the nature wants to convey to the corporate through its creation of crocodiles.


Most people in corporate remain indifferent and render no help to others when they holds no responsibility to care them.  One can remain careless to a reasonable extent but cannot and should not remain indifferent and rendering no helps to others especially when others remain helpless.   Guard and help even if you don’t care. 


Every corporate employee must help and guard the interest of the corporate and its overall welfare even if they don’t care. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai Image


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