Why dioecious state in nature….a HR message

The philosophy of creation of two separate genders among various animals including human being, otherwise called as dioecious state or sexual dimorphism has a strong management message for the corporate world. According to the phylogeny of different species of animals and plants, nature has always kept the principle of bettering its creation from time to time. As a result of that only the enormous evolution and diversity in nature had occurred. That is how so much of diversity and variety among flora and fauna we can see in nature.

The question is why two separate genders are created? Unless both genders understand each other and comes together at the right time (during reproduction), the process of procreation and future generation will happen. If the genders are not separate like in many primitive organisms, procreation and creation of future generation becomes easier. But this would leave the species to be primitive.

The answer of nature is that the best result or achievements are possible only when there is team, where integration of effort, intelligence and contributions of the team happens. Nature clearly sends a message that ‘evolution’ always requires team and that is why the creation of different species has started from single celled organism to multi celled organism where the organogenesis is well advanced and from there, the dioceous state has formed.

The corporate message is that, encourage team effort and allow the integration of ideas, learning, intelligence and experiences of different people. Only from such integration, best result can be produced or achieved. No single individual is likely to have all the ‘best qualities’ possible with them. Only some portion of the ‘best’ is likely to be present with people. Hence different people with different qualities must form as team and only then the best achievements are possible.

The very genesis of male and female gender or dioecious state reveals only the above management principle of ‘team’ effort for success. The people in corporate needs to know this important law of nature and only by being with the team and being a part of a team, people can achieve a lot for ‘self’ and for the corporate as a whole.

Take the best examples of nature where unless the members become a team, result is not possible. For example, look at a papaya plant where male plant and female plant are separate. Unless the pollen of male papaya plant mixes with the ovule of female plant, the fruits and subsequent formation of seeds will not happen. Similarly, the people of different talents and expertise does not form team and integrate the same, no corporate can achieve anything. Therefore learn to be a team player and bring success to you and ultimately to your corporate as well.

Learn from nature as nature has boundless management wisdom and by learning the same one would become not only wise but intelligent as well.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


Learn from lioness, dear corporate

It is not the anger, frustration, enmity, revenge, vengeance, vendetta or the attitude of settling scores that makes the life, its meaning and success, only the purpose of life that makes everything. This should be the foundation and the fundamental philosophy of every corporate person. Only to make the above philosophy better understandable to the corporate, the nature has left a sparkling example of infanticide behaviour of the male lion and the subsequent responses of the lioness.

Lions live in pride. The dominant lion is the head of the pride and which is comprised of many lionesses, sub adults and cubs. The lion guards and protect the pride. Many other bachelor lions freely roaming in the jungle do fight with the leaders of the pride to become the leader. Sometime they fail and some other time, the bachelor lion may win also. It is all depends on the strength of the leader of the pride and the strength of the bachelor lion.

If they win, the new boss always kill the cubs (infanticide) as only then the female lion comes to estrous and accepts the new lion to mate. The female lions when see their cubs getting killed by the new leader, do feel sad, depressed and ventilate their helplessness. But soon they accept the new lion as their leader and allow them to mate so that they are ready deliver new set of cubs. That is the ultimate biologic purpose of every living being.

The question is, lioness never seems to live in hatred, frustrations, sadness, enmity or revenge in rest of their life, after passing through such an incident. They never seem to settle score with the lion who had killed her cubs nor will ever wait for such an opportunity to pay back.

The inner management message is that the purpose of life only will make the life purposeful and meaningful. The message is not to forgive and forget every crime and be friendly with all nonsense in life. But never live your life with or for revenge, sadness or how to settle scores. Life is worth more than being in the state of sadness or vengeance. How beautifully the lioness has understood the above philosophy.

Imagine, if every lioness that had lost their cubs due to a new intruder, had ever decided to settle score with the new intruder, the species – Panthera leo (lion) would have been extinct in the terra firma the day the lion would have evolved.

From agony and loss, the lioness quickly regains their purpose and mission and then moves forward. The management message is that never jeopardize the purpose just for the sake of ‘you wants to be revengeful at someone’. Life becomes worth living when it has a strong purpose and not opposite of that.

But often people in corporate, after a conflict or problem, love to live rest of their life either with pain, frustration, and sadness or how to be as revengeful as they can. Every single opportunity they try to look for and create, to settle score with their self declared enemies.

Be like a lioness, be purpose or goal centric and never allow your emotion or its diverse manifestations to undermine the purpose is the message, the corporate has to learn.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Chennai


You are a wonder of nature…a HR message

Most people in corporate often do wonder why they were only chosen for some odd jobs and not others. They, further raise such doubts both from the domain of ‘arrogance & pride’ as well from the premises of ‘fear and victimization’. Instead of developing arrogance, pride, fear or victim thinking, the people should understand the eternal truth that only with sufficient capability or only after given sufficient competency, they are evolved or born. Therefore one has to feel extremely proud with the newer responsibilities than being afraid off it. If the corporate people ever develop such understanding, they could always perform without fear and arrogance. Only such performances will lead one to success.

Look at the beauty artic fishes. They live in extreme cold regions of the world. Although fishes are cold blooded animals (they can adjust their body temperature according to the temperature of the environment where they live), the artic temperature always falls below the freezing point of water and hence the question of how these fishes successfully survive in artic regions beg a scientific answer. Scientists have recently discovered the presence of an ‘antifreeze protein’ in the blood of the artic fishes. The antifreeze protein prevents the blood of these fishes from crystallization/freezing, however cold the temperature the artic region is.

The antifreeze protein only makes the arctic fishes successful in one of the coldest zones in the world- arctic region. Like the artic fishes, all the corporate people have the sufficient capability and competency available within them. But one must recognize that. The biology has always provided its best. Only when people realize that truth, they can develop strong belief system. Such belief system should give confidence and from confidence, both commitment and competency should emerge.

The bliss of life from biological point is complete, perfect and all inclusive. Most people in corporate, instead of knowing this from nature, often create misery and sorrow out of their life. Look at the beauty of nature, knowing fully well about the struggle of fishes in arctic regions only they are given the antifreeze protein to protect the blood from freezing.

Instead of thinking about how precarious one is, discover the mighty force from within and rejoice that you alone can accomplish such task and not others and it is like only certain fishes can survive in artic regions and not all. That is why you are assigned with some tasks and not others.

One has to create understanding and from it the confidence and acceptance should flow. Nature has created every species in a unique way and hence they are there to perform a ‘unique job’ and not an ‘ordinary’ job. So are you.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


Be a biological human…a HR message

Does biology fails to psychology? Certainly, yes will the answer.  Every human being live two separate phases of life viz.,


  1. Biological
  2. Psychological


The biological life always point towards the future while the psychological life always peeps into, pine at and lost in the past. 


Look at a heard of herbivorous animals or pride/pack of some carnivores.  The old and weak animals are largely neglected by the members.  The old and weak ones have to fend themselves or have to accept the fate and became prey to different predatory animals.  This is all about biology of life. 


Whenever one loss their relevance, meaning and significance have to disappear from the scene and that is law of biology.  Such disappearances sometime would happen in a graceful manner or in a cruel manner, nature doesn’t really bother.   The ‘biology’ of life always focused on the future and nothing else.   Yesterday and yesteryears have no role or significance or meaning in biology.


Whereas all most all animals including man invest a lot in parental care/caring the young ones.  The behaviour of altruism, fierce fights etc., the animals like even a small mouse or rat also exhibit during parenting only because they value the future a lot than the past.  This is what is all about biology or biological life.  


Whereas the psychological life is concerned, it largely focused on the past.  Always it downloads the data from the past memory and stare, glare and pine at them.  Psychology never allows man or any other animal to be free in the present or think/strategize about future.    More often it appears as ‘our memory’.  Only the memory of the past even makes the animals to be alert, fearful, angry etc.


In corporate, how do people live?  Do they lead a biological life or psychological life?  All the materialistic aspects of our life including that of all animals are predominantly kindled by ‘biology’ (for biological needs) and the so called non materialistic aspects of life including ones memory and thoughts are controlled largely by ‘psychology’. 


The paradox is that the psychology exists only in the capsule of biology but unfortunately the biology has least power or strength to control or manage the ‘psychology’ of own.   That is why, in spite of having all luxury, many people live a miserable life.  Despite having enormous experience, knowledge, leadership qualities, creativity, many people in most corporate live in utter misery and fear.  Only because of the above, many people accept things the way they are than attempts to change/question them. 


Once this paradox is understood well, people can find ways to deal or manage them.  If they fail, with or without luxury, security, creativity, capability, life will be dull and filled with melancholy. 


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From the defense strategy of Hagfish…a management message

The people in most corporate develop/inculcate different strategies/techniques to defend themselves from different situations like, from superiors/bosses, from peer group or from other functions etc.   When things go wrong, instead of looking out for the right reason for the failure, often most corporate leaders and people hunt for scapegoats.  If the cause for failure is ever discovered/identified the problem can be solved easily and once for all, but it doesn’t happen.  Only the fear prohibits people from understanding the reasons to shift the blame on someone.  If one delay in identifying the scapegoat, others might make him/her as the possible scapegoat.   Because of this reason, people always look for scapegoats than knowing the reasons.


In order to avoid themselves getting identified as scapegoat, people always develop different defense methods.  But sometime the own defense methods can put them in deep trouble than others in the corporate.  Therefore one has to be careful about own defense strategies while defending oneself from ‘enemies’.


Nature has a finest example for the corporate man to learn from a marine animal called Hag fish.  Hag fish, otherwise called ‘slime eel’ is a marine animal that lives in Pacific Ocean.  The hag fish, when threatened or attacked, releases/exudes a slimy substance from its body.  The slimy substance quickly reacts with water and become gluey gel.  In most instances, the gel covers the face and body of most of its predators. The predators will find it hard to move or breath and hence they run to own safety.  Naturally they would leave the hag fish free. 


Most of the time, the same slimy substance would entrap and encapsulate the hag fish as the slime never recognize differently the hag fish from its predator.  Unless the hag fish show some level of intelligence, it might get trapped.  The defense mechanism of the hag fish i.e. the slime production would indeed defend the animal but can put them in trouble also.  If the hag fish ever assume over confidence about its defense mechanism, it might lands up trouble and that can be as bad as predation. 


The management message is that have smartness even when you operate a right strategy.  The right strategy will not go wrong.  But it is only in relation with its purpose.  Beyond its scope, it can pose some problem.  One has to be smart to understand and escape from it.  The slime exuded by the hag fish although may defend the animal, but there is also an equal chance of the animal gets entrapped in the same slime and hence it should know how to avoid or free from it.   


It does not mean the defense strategy is wrong.  Being unwise with such strategies only can pose problem.  Hence adequate understanding is inevitable. 


The people in corporate must develop capabilities and also must understand such capabilities beyond the level it has to be understood.    Otherwise the self defense can although help one to defend the ‘self’ from others and simultaneously can make the ‘self’ defenseless to it. 


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai




Corporate with superficial and deep knowledged people…a HR message

Often the corporate leaders wonder and amaze at people who show ‘a little’ knowledge (superficial knowledge) in many subjects/fields like sales, marketing, purchase, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, finance etc. 


From sex to supreme consciousness, these people could talk and show they have fair knowledge in all these subjects.  Such people are plenty in most corporate.  The corporate leaders also declare such people as the ‘best leaders’ and the most ‘valuable asset’ of the corporate etc.  


The question is whether one can be successful with just superficial knowledge or one need deep rooted knowledge for success, requires serious debate.  The answer is very tricky.  With superficial knowledge and also with deep knowledge, people can find success in corporate.  How one position oneself in different situation only matters and that only determine the success.


Nature has best example for the corporate people to understand the above statement better.  The monocotyledonous plants like bamboo, coconut or palm tree does not have deep roots that go deep inside the soil.  Instead of having a long ‘tap root’, they have fibrous roots.  These roost spread around the tree trunk and firmly hold the tree from all sides.  The fibrous roots spread around the tree and cover large surface area of the soil than going deep inside the soil. 


Contrary to that, the dicotyledonous plants like mango, neem or banyan have strong woody root which is an extension of the main trunk and that goes deep inside the soil.   Such roots are called ‘tap roots’.  In proportion to height of the tree, the tap roots also grow deep inside the soil.   Nature supports both the monocots and dicot trees in equal measure.  But the dicotyledonous plants are more abundant in nature than the monocotyledonous plants. 


According to the classification and phylogeny, the monocots are described to be primitive than the dicots.  It means, the people with superficial knowledge in many fields, however ‘great’ they may appear are primitive people as they do not have in depth knowledge in any subject.  But corporate leaders think about such people the other way.  They invariably support the ‘superficial’ people than those who have ‘in depth knowledge’ in any one particular subject. 


From the above example of nature, the people in corporate only have to decide whether they would prefer to be monocots with superficial knowledge or wish to be dicots with deep rooted knowledge.   The choice has to be linked with the corporate one chooses to work for.  Only the culture and HR practices of the corporate favours and supports the people with ‘superficial’ or ‘deep rooted knowledge’.  If your boss amaze at you when you speak a little about many things, then continue to be so and be successful.  If the situation is otherwise, change your strategy.

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Skink eat own eggs…a management message essential for corporate

‘Skink bosses’ are essential for the corporate.  May be to send such message only, the skink are displaying a very unique and strange behaviour that is ‘eating own eggs’ when the threat from predator is high/rampant.   Reptiles in general are animals that show poor parental instincts.  But the skinks are different.     They do exhibit limited level of parental care. 


The most striking behaviour of skinks is that they eat own eggs when there is high threat from predators.  Like most animals, the skinks also identify only a safe place to lay their eggs.  When predator comes to attack the eggs, they try to ward them off.  But the threat of the predator become frequent and the predator come near the eggs; the female skink will eat all its eggs, leaving nothing to the predator.


Scientists have hypothesized that, may be to meet the nutritional requirements to lay next set of eggs, skinks are eating own eggs.  If they do not eat own eggs, the predator would eat them and become stronger.  Instead of making the predator stronger by eating the eggs, if the skink itself eat own eggs, certainly it becomes fit to lay next set of eggs.  It wants to benefit from its eggs and also it does not want the predator to benefit at any cost. 


The management message to the corporate is loud and clear.  In corporate meetings, some bosses would allow the people from other functions to scold/criticize and find fault at their subordinates/team members.  Later, these bosses also join them and attack own subordinates and making them fell helpless and vulnerable.  By this way, the bosses safeguard themselves from getting criticized for the failure or flaw.  The unfortunate truth is that if their team members have failed, the bosses are also equally responsible.  They should own the responsibility. 


They should behave like the skinks.  They should criticize and scold their team members and should not allow people from other functions to do the same.   Like how skink never allow the predators to eat its eggs and the skink itself eats them up, the bosses only should interact and intercept the communication with their team.  If the boss scolds his or her team after owning the responsibility and protect them from others, such bosses would certainly appear strong and respectable to their team.  But instead, if the boss allows people from other functions to criticize their team, the actions of such bosses must be condemned.  


Look at the leadership instinct of skinks.  The behaviour of skink, eating own eggs may look strange and incredible.  But if we dwell deep, will understand the greatest management message. 


In some organization, the R&D head would conveniently shift the blame for the product failure squirrelly onto the formulator/manager.  In corporate meetings, such bosses will ensure that the marketing team, sales team and other functions ruthlessly criticize the formulator/manager for the product failure.   Unfortunately none of them would ever question the R&D and its head for what responsibility he/she and the R&D own as the failure has come from R&D.   Such sordid scenes are relatively more common in corporate that are directly governed by the single entrepreneur.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai Image