Adapt & evolve and avoid blame game…a HR message

Does the evolution and adaptation of different species of flora and fauna (plants and animals) have any strong management message for the corporate?  Corporate life is largely filled with the ‘need to escape from the blame, swiftly shift the blame on others and engage in show more than what you have done and if possible claim others work also as yours’.  


Most people in corporate often prefers to use the trick of shifting the blame on others so that they can find an easy route to escape from problems.  As a result, people seriously engage only in ‘blame game’ than knowing or correcting the cause of the problem.   The corporate trainers often emphasize upon people not to resort to ‘the culture of blame game’.  When limitations to escape become certain and obvious, people naturally think that they are left with little options and hence have to ‘play blame game’. 


Look at the varsity of nature.  The story of evolution & adaptation of aquatic plants or the story of evolution & adaptation of xerophytes (cactus) or mangrove plants or carnivores plants or shade loving plants or climbers etc., or the life of prey and predatory animals, all shares only one message, that is,  the success is not possible by playing blame game. 


If the water plants had ever blamed the abundant water and how it would limit its growth, the water plants would have become extinct the day it had blamed the water or the possible limitations.  If the cactus had ever blamed the dry and absolutely waterless ecosystem and how it can survive over there, imagine, today we would not have any cactus to see.  The story is same for mangrove and other group of plants as well.


None of the plants mentioned in the above example had ever blamed either the fate or the limitations and never tried to shift the blame onto others or ever tried to escape from it.  Hence they became successful. 


Look at the life of animals in the jungle.  A deer or zebra are never known to blame its fate and destiny that the life of these animals is always in danger as large numbers of predator are waiting to hunt them.  It accepts the fate and learns to over power them.  Even if they fail, they accept the law of nature and become the part of biology of a whole.  


So is the case with all predatory animals.  Despite having enormous strength, they have to work hard to get their food and have to work hard to protect their hunt from others, as other predators always grab/snatch them.  Nothing comes its way so easily or so naturally.  Blaming others would serve nothing. 


Adapt and evolve and avoids blaming others in corporate is the strong management message, the different species of plants and animals conveys.   The cardinal message is ‘avoid blame game’ and be successful. 


If you ever engage in such ‘cheap game’, may be once you may succeed, but remember, such success will not be everlasting.  Because, your success has come largely because, either others have believed your story or the victim had not forcefully resisted/defied it.  Such situation may not happen always.  Remember, from this process you would not develop any success traits.  Hence, avoid blame game, adapt and evolve and be successful.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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