Instinct to success…a HR message from green eyed tree frog

Knowing ones instinct is inevitable.  Unless one knows this, the extent of support, care or help offered by others will not help one to become successful.  The message is not against one receiving care, help or support from others but one has to work with ones own instinct, otherwise success become difficult. 


The red eyed tree frogs, like their name explains, lay clutch of eggs on the leaves of plants near water.  The clutches of eggs are covered by mucilaginous layer that prevents the eggs from desiccation/drying before they hatch.   By laying the eggs on the surface of leaves, the mother frog offers considerable extent of protection to the eggs from the predators of the aquatic medium.   However, the eggs are not that safe on the surface of leaves.  Many arboreal animals like lizards, snakes, wasps do hunt the eggs of the green tree frog mercilessly.  The small frog is not that strong enough to defend the eggs also. 


IImagen the above paradox, the nature has never made the eggs of green tree frog defenseless and precarious.   In fact the embryos in the eggs have got strong instinct to sense the danger and hatch immediately.  When the predator attacks the clutch or come near them, the embryos immediately hatch out and drop down to water.  Most occasions, the predators search for eggs would ends up in vain as most of them would have already escaped to water.    


The management message is clear.  Others can offer help only to some extent.  Over dependence on such support may not be wise.  Hence one has to recognize ones own instincts and must work accordingly. 


More often than not, the corporate people develop over dependence on the corporate fallacy, brand image, the financial power of the organization to promote and advertise the products etc.  As a result, both the corporate leaders and the employees totally miss the ‘instinct’.   Developing over dependency on the above is like the fate of the eggs of red eyed tree frog.  If they ever feel secured as they reside safely on the leaves of tall trees and no aquatic animals can even come near or can attack them.   Further, the mother frog also is there to ward off predators. 


Only because of the instincts of the embryos, they immediately hatch out and rescue themselves.  If they not employ their instincts, would certainly die of predation.


The fundamental ingredients of a good leader are the ‘instinct’ and ‘right vision’.  Instinct helps one to sense and prepare to overpower the adversity.  If such instincts are not there means, one would unwisely ‘over depend’ on the pre-existing merits and would perish.  The message is not to ridicule the pre-existing merits, but explore and develop newer capabilities and abilities by knowing and using your instincts.   Have the instincts of embryos of red eyed green tree frogs.


 Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai





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