Skink eat own eggs…a management message essential for corporate

‘Skink bosses’ are essential for the corporate.  May be to send such message only, the skink are displaying a very unique and strange behaviour that is ‘eating own eggs’ when the threat from predator is high/rampant.   Reptiles in general are animals that show poor parental instincts.  But the skinks are different.     They do exhibit limited level of parental care. 


The most striking behaviour of skinks is that they eat own eggs when there is high threat from predators.  Like most animals, the skinks also identify only a safe place to lay their eggs.  When predator comes to attack the eggs, they try to ward them off.  But the threat of the predator become frequent and the predator come near the eggs; the female skink will eat all its eggs, leaving nothing to the predator.


Scientists have hypothesized that, may be to meet the nutritional requirements to lay next set of eggs, skinks are eating own eggs.  If they do not eat own eggs, the predator would eat them and become stronger.  Instead of making the predator stronger by eating the eggs, if the skink itself eat own eggs, certainly it becomes fit to lay next set of eggs.  It wants to benefit from its eggs and also it does not want the predator to benefit at any cost. 


The management message to the corporate is loud and clear.  In corporate meetings, some bosses would allow the people from other functions to scold/criticize and find fault at their subordinates/team members.  Later, these bosses also join them and attack own subordinates and making them fell helpless and vulnerable.  By this way, the bosses safeguard themselves from getting criticized for the failure or flaw.  The unfortunate truth is that if their team members have failed, the bosses are also equally responsible.  They should own the responsibility. 


They should behave like the skinks.  They should criticize and scold their team members and should not allow people from other functions to do the same.   Like how skink never allow the predators to eat its eggs and the skink itself eats them up, the bosses only should interact and intercept the communication with their team.  If the boss scolds his or her team after owning the responsibility and protect them from others, such bosses would certainly appear strong and respectable to their team.  But instead, if the boss allows people from other functions to criticize their team, the actions of such bosses must be condemned.  


Look at the leadership instinct of skinks.  The behaviour of skink, eating own eggs may look strange and incredible.  But if we dwell deep, will understand the greatest management message. 


In some organization, the R&D head would conveniently shift the blame for the product failure squirrelly onto the formulator/manager.  In corporate meetings, such bosses will ensure that the marketing team, sales team and other functions ruthlessly criticize the formulator/manager for the product failure.   Unfortunately none of them would ever question the R&D and its head for what responsibility he/she and the R&D own as the failure has come from R&D.   Such sordid scenes are relatively more common in corporate that are directly governed by the single entrepreneur.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai Image


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