Corporate with superficial and deep knowledged people…a HR message

Often the corporate leaders wonder and amaze at people who show ‘a little’ knowledge (superficial knowledge) in many subjects/fields like sales, marketing, purchase, logistics, manufacturing, R&D, finance etc. 


From sex to supreme consciousness, these people could talk and show they have fair knowledge in all these subjects.  Such people are plenty in most corporate.  The corporate leaders also declare such people as the ‘best leaders’ and the most ‘valuable asset’ of the corporate etc.  


The question is whether one can be successful with just superficial knowledge or one need deep rooted knowledge for success, requires serious debate.  The answer is very tricky.  With superficial knowledge and also with deep knowledge, people can find success in corporate.  How one position oneself in different situation only matters and that only determine the success.


Nature has best example for the corporate people to understand the above statement better.  The monocotyledonous plants like bamboo, coconut or palm tree does not have deep roots that go deep inside the soil.  Instead of having a long ‘tap root’, they have fibrous roots.  These roost spread around the tree trunk and firmly hold the tree from all sides.  The fibrous roots spread around the tree and cover large surface area of the soil than going deep inside the soil. 


Contrary to that, the dicotyledonous plants like mango, neem or banyan have strong woody root which is an extension of the main trunk and that goes deep inside the soil.   Such roots are called ‘tap roots’.  In proportion to height of the tree, the tap roots also grow deep inside the soil.   Nature supports both the monocots and dicot trees in equal measure.  But the dicotyledonous plants are more abundant in nature than the monocotyledonous plants. 


According to the classification and phylogeny, the monocots are described to be primitive than the dicots.  It means, the people with superficial knowledge in many fields, however ‘great’ they may appear are primitive people as they do not have in depth knowledge in any subject.  But corporate leaders think about such people the other way.  They invariably support the ‘superficial’ people than those who have ‘in depth knowledge’ in any one particular subject. 


From the above example of nature, the people in corporate only have to decide whether they would prefer to be monocots with superficial knowledge or wish to be dicots with deep rooted knowledge.   The choice has to be linked with the corporate one chooses to work for.  Only the culture and HR practices of the corporate favours and supports the people with ‘superficial’ or ‘deep rooted knowledge’.  If your boss amaze at you when you speak a little about many things, then continue to be so and be successful.  If the situation is otherwise, change your strategy.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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