You are a wonder of nature…a HR message

Most people in corporate often do wonder why they were only chosen for some odd jobs and not others. They, further raise such doubts both from the domain of ‘arrogance & pride’ as well from the premises of ‘fear and victimization’. Instead of developing arrogance, pride, fear or victim thinking, the people should understand the eternal truth that only with sufficient capability or only after given sufficient competency, they are evolved or born. Therefore one has to feel extremely proud with the newer responsibilities than being afraid off it. If the corporate people ever develop such understanding, they could always perform without fear and arrogance. Only such performances will lead one to success.

Look at the beauty artic fishes. They live in extreme cold regions of the world. Although fishes are cold blooded animals (they can adjust their body temperature according to the temperature of the environment where they live), the artic temperature always falls below the freezing point of water and hence the question of how these fishes successfully survive in artic regions beg a scientific answer. Scientists have recently discovered the presence of an ‘antifreeze protein’ in the blood of the artic fishes. The antifreeze protein prevents the blood of these fishes from crystallization/freezing, however cold the temperature the artic region is.

The antifreeze protein only makes the arctic fishes successful in one of the coldest zones in the world- arctic region. Like the artic fishes, all the corporate people have the sufficient capability and competency available within them. But one must recognize that. The biology has always provided its best. Only when people realize that truth, they can develop strong belief system. Such belief system should give confidence and from confidence, both commitment and competency should emerge.

The bliss of life from biological point is complete, perfect and all inclusive. Most people in corporate, instead of knowing this from nature, often create misery and sorrow out of their life. Look at the beauty of nature, knowing fully well about the struggle of fishes in arctic regions only they are given the antifreeze protein to protect the blood from freezing.

Instead of thinking about how precarious one is, discover the mighty force from within and rejoice that you alone can accomplish such task and not others and it is like only certain fishes can survive in artic regions and not all. That is why you are assigned with some tasks and not others.

One has to create understanding and from it the confidence and acceptance should flow. Nature has created every species in a unique way and hence they are there to perform a ‘unique job’ and not an ‘ordinary’ job. So are you.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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