Learn from lioness, dear corporate

It is not the anger, frustration, enmity, revenge, vengeance, vendetta or the attitude of settling scores that makes the life, its meaning and success, only the purpose of life that makes everything. This should be the foundation and the fundamental philosophy of every corporate person. Only to make the above philosophy better understandable to the corporate, the nature has left a sparkling example of infanticide behaviour of the male lion and the subsequent responses of the lioness.

Lions live in pride. The dominant lion is the head of the pride and which is comprised of many lionesses, sub adults and cubs. The lion guards and protect the pride. Many other bachelor lions freely roaming in the jungle do fight with the leaders of the pride to become the leader. Sometime they fail and some other time, the bachelor lion may win also. It is all depends on the strength of the leader of the pride and the strength of the bachelor lion.

If they win, the new boss always kill the cubs (infanticide) as only then the female lion comes to estrous and accepts the new lion to mate. The female lions when see their cubs getting killed by the new leader, do feel sad, depressed and ventilate their helplessness. But soon they accept the new lion as their leader and allow them to mate so that they are ready deliver new set of cubs. That is the ultimate biologic purpose of every living being.

The question is, lioness never seems to live in hatred, frustrations, sadness, enmity or revenge in rest of their life, after passing through such an incident. They never seem to settle score with the lion who had killed her cubs nor will ever wait for such an opportunity to pay back.

The inner management message is that the purpose of life only will make the life purposeful and meaningful. The message is not to forgive and forget every crime and be friendly with all nonsense in life. But never live your life with or for revenge, sadness or how to settle scores. Life is worth more than being in the state of sadness or vengeance. How beautifully the lioness has understood the above philosophy.

Imagine, if every lioness that had lost their cubs due to a new intruder, had ever decided to settle score with the new intruder, the species – Panthera leo (lion) would have been extinct in the terra firma the day the lion would have evolved.

From agony and loss, the lioness quickly regains their purpose and mission and then moves forward. The management message is that never jeopardize the purpose just for the sake of ‘you wants to be revengeful at someone’. Life becomes worth living when it has a strong purpose and not opposite of that.

But often people in corporate, after a conflict or problem, love to live rest of their life either with pain, frustration, and sadness or how to be as revengeful as they can. Every single opportunity they try to look for and create, to settle score with their self declared enemies.

Be like a lioness, be purpose or goal centric and never allow your emotion or its diverse manifestations to undermine the purpose is the message, the corporate has to learn.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Chennai


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