Why dioecious state in nature….a HR message

The philosophy of creation of two separate genders among various animals including human being, otherwise called as dioecious state or sexual dimorphism has a strong management message for the corporate world. According to the phylogeny of different species of animals and plants, nature has always kept the principle of bettering its creation from time to time. As a result of that only the enormous evolution and diversity in nature had occurred. That is how so much of diversity and variety among flora and fauna we can see in nature.

The question is why two separate genders are created? Unless both genders understand each other and comes together at the right time (during reproduction), the process of procreation and future generation will happen. If the genders are not separate like in many primitive organisms, procreation and creation of future generation becomes easier. But this would leave the species to be primitive.

The answer of nature is that the best result or achievements are possible only when there is team, where integration of effort, intelligence and contributions of the team happens. Nature clearly sends a message that ‘evolution’ always requires team and that is why the creation of different species has started from single celled organism to multi celled organism where the organogenesis is well advanced and from there, the dioceous state has formed.

The corporate message is that, encourage team effort and allow the integration of ideas, learning, intelligence and experiences of different people. Only from such integration, best result can be produced or achieved. No single individual is likely to have all the ‘best qualities’ possible with them. Only some portion of the ‘best’ is likely to be present with people. Hence different people with different qualities must form as team and only then the best achievements are possible.

The very genesis of male and female gender or dioecious state reveals only the above management principle of ‘team’ effort for success. The people in corporate needs to know this important law of nature and only by being with the team and being a part of a team, people can achieve a lot for ‘self’ and for the corporate as a whole.

Take the best examples of nature where unless the members become a team, result is not possible. For example, look at a papaya plant where male plant and female plant are separate. Unless the pollen of male papaya plant mixes with the ovule of female plant, the fruits and subsequent formation of seeds will not happen. Similarly, the people of different talents and expertise does not form team and integrate the same, no corporate can achieve anything. Therefore learn to be a team player and bring success to you and ultimately to your corporate as well.

Learn from nature as nature has boundless management wisdom and by learning the same one would become not only wise but intelligent as well.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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