Brain as the best corporate leader

Brain death of someone dear and near to us often shatters our hope, and hopelessly people harp hopes to put the patient on life support system for sometime and finally the ultimate power of death prevails over hope and science.  This scientific/medical truth everyone knows. Beyond our knowledge and comprehension, nature has done its wonder in creating the brain of humans in an extraordinarily unique way.   It appears, nature had applied the finest management wisdom/brilliance than science while making the human brain and its functioning.


Brain is the commander-in-chief our body. The physiology, biochemistry, organ functioning etc., in our body are guided, guarded and governed by the brain.  Although the brain is the ‘ultimate centre’ of human body, it has been made only to play the role to ‘guide, guard and govern’ the body & all its functioning and not to control it.   It means, every organ in our body is given absolute authority, freedom, independence and finally the required level of competency and alertness. That is the reason why, even after death of the brain, many organs in our body function for sometime.


Nature has never made the brain in such a way that ‘I control you all and therefore if I die, you all also must die along with me immediately’.   Because of this distinctive and brilliant wisdom of nature in making the brain differently only, organ donation is possible and even from a single dead person, many gets a new life in the form of heart, liver, kidney, eyes etc transplant recipients.    But, when the brain is alive, all organs in the body definitely functions only as per the prescription of the brain, the ultimate boss.


The management message for the corporate is clear. The corporate bosses must learn the art of how to guide, guard and govern people without denying the authority, freedom and independence to people. Unfortunately, most bosses in all corporate think and acts differently. Guide, guard and govern always possible for them only in the premises giving limited freedom and operational authority to people. People should report back to the bosses about everything and should not have any decision making power and nor the people be wise to do so.


Imagine, if the bosses regularly suffocates people in corporate and give no freedom even to excise their capability, how such organization will reach great heights. The bosses often feel that if authority and autonomy are given to people, they seldom respect them back. The fear of loosing their identity, role and relevance only makes most corporate bosses to throw their weights often and ensure that people are always reared in the ecosystem of ‘psychological-slavery’.


Once the goal is set well for the people and given authority, why should people deviate from the path? Should they be respecting their goal the most and be goal centric or be respecting the bosses and be their sycophants? Nature had never made the brain to boss other organs. Similarly, let the corporate bosses understand their role as not to boss others. Bosses should facilitate people to be successful both for the organization and finally for themselves.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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