Use intelligene and break the egg…eagle to corporate

The Egyptian vulture can certainly offer lot of hope and confidence to large number of people in corporate. More often, the people in corporate give up anything they find hard to do at first sight/glance. They never ever verify whether they can do something differently than opting to retreat from the task.   Only due to such early exit from the fray or quit before act, makes people non performers, non achievers and finally become frustrated with everything.   Such people are plenty in most corporate. It is not due to lack of capability but only due to incapable thinking, most people in corporate fails to reach the goal.


The question is how to change the attitude of such people? People can change their attitude and understanding if they are willing to learn the management wonderment of nature and how success instinct makes many animals to achieve their end goal.


The Egyptian vulture is the best example for how “winners never quit and quitters never win”. Unlike other vulture species, the Egyptian vulture is known to eat eggs, especially the eggs of the gigantic bird- ostrich. Among different avifauna, the egg of an ostrich is too big and heavy for the vulture to deal with. Further, the egg shell of an ostrich is hard and not easy to break.   Nor the vulture can easily carry the egg and then can drop it from sky to break like how crow does with mollusks and sea shells.


The Egyptian vulture never seems to have lost its interest for ostrich egg due to the above limitations. In fact the limitation has only made the vulture to be intelligent and wise. Instead of dropping the egg from sky and break it, the vulture has learned to drop stones at the egg. By repeatedly dropping stones at the egg, it breaks the egg and then eats.  


The bird had not given up its pursuit or desire either due to the large size of the ostrich egg or its weight or due to the hard shell that cannot be broken easily.   It learns the art of doing things differently.   Instead of throwing the egg on rocks, it learns to through small stones at the egg and opens it.


The message for the corporate is clear.   Limitation should not limit people from achieving and instead, it should make them to be innovative.   But often people give up their effort, pursuit and interest because they think it is difficult to achieve. The achievements are the outcome of perseverance and not from early retirement. Learn the right message from the Egyptian vulture and be a winner in your journey.  


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai





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