Who, the lion or tiger is better for corporate???

Who can claim the right on others achievements, especially the achievements of the team? This serious question every corporate must ask. In most corporate, the bosses uncharitably claim the entire credit of their subordinate’s achievements/success. In truth, these bosses would not have done anything to the team to perform nor win.   Unfortunately the single man owned corporate often praise and appreciate such bosses and even would say that the team has performed only because of the mentoring ability and exemplary leadership quality of the bosses.


The lack of order, fairness and justice may be rampant in most corporate but such uncharitable culture of claiming the credit of the subordinates/team without putting any effort/contribution doesn’t seems to exist in the world of big cats.


Lion is the head of the pride. The lion offers protection not only to the female lions in the pride; the cubs also enjoy protection and safety only because of the powerful head of the pride. The bachelor lions always look for a chance to kill the cubs. Interestingly the lion seldom hunt and most of the hunts are done be the female lions in the pride. But when it comes to sharing of the kill, lion takes the first and the best share and only then rest of the members in the pride can have their meal.   Lion takes its lion’s share first may be as a reward/pay to the safety and security it offers to the pride. So the pay and payoffs are balanced or gets adjusted.


In the case of tiger, the male tiger always wait until the female tiger and cubs finish their meal and only then it eats. Although the male tiger is more powerful than the female one, but it never seems to showcase its power or valiancy to win the hunt. They follow the discipline of ‘I can claim the right only if I have done something for you’. Unlike the dominant male lion of the pride, the male tigers never keep the social group nor do they offer any protection to the female tiger or the cubs.   Therefore it never shows its physical strength and grabs the kill. It waits patiently and only then it takes its share.


This order, culture and discipline the corporate leaders must follow. If they have not contributed anything to the success and achievements of their team, they should not claim the credit. By doing so only, they can prove their dignity, respectability and true spirit of leadership.  The HR function must support such culture.    


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai



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