This chemistry law is for corporate also…..

Very recently I was interacting with a group of chemistry graduates about various wonders of nature and what the corporate world has to learn from nature etc. Spontaneously a young chemistry graduate asked me whether any principle/equation of chemistry can directly be applied to human behaviour, leadership style etc., like that of biology or are they merely relevant only to chemical components.   Immediately I shot back my answer by citing the example of ‘Avogadro’s law’.   I told them to reflect the ‘real sense and meaning’ of Avogadro’s law and how relevant it is to the human beings as well. The law beyond defining the characteristics of different gases of same volume at same temperature and pressure also speaks about equal capabilities of different people in the corporate.


The Avogadro’s law states that “equal volumes of all gases at the same temperature and pressure, have the same number of molecules”. It means that different gases will have equal molecules if they remain at same volume and are subjected to the conditions of same/equal pressure and temperature.


Exactly like different gases how their molecules remain same if they are of same volume and kept under same temperature and pressure, the people holding same designation, qualification and responsibility, working in the same corporate are also capable of producing same/equal result. If someone is not performing as per the Avogadro’s law, then the corporate leaders have to ponder upon as why there is such difference/discrepancy.


In many corporate, people holding the designation of Manager or General Manager or Vice President in different functions perform differently. For example, the Vice President of R&D may show least capability and competency when compared to their counter parts in Legal or Finance Function of the same corporate. If such discrepancy is noticed or seen that the Avogadro’s law is failing, the corporate leadership must introspects it from two separate dimensions.


The first probability/possibility is that such non performing people holding such designation are truly not worthy for the job title. Without clarity and foresightedness only, the corporate would have engaged them with such authority and freedom.


The second probability/possibility is that the corporate may not be giving equal/same environment for different people to perform. Even if the volumes of different gases are same, but the pressure and or the temperature are different, different gases may not show same number of molecules.   Therefore, all critical conditions must be same for every employee only then the best performance can be expected from people. Only in such corporate, people of same designation and responsibility also perform equally, resulting in the success of the organization.    


But most organization love to blame only the people. They always cite and compare that one manager as the best performer over other and wonder why the other manager is not doing so. Provide same work atmosphere, support system and recognition to all as they all have equal capability. Certainly the people also would offer their best thus making the ‘Avogadro’s law’ is true and possible in corporate as well. It would also profit the corporate.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai





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