Deathless capabilities…a HR message

Many people often complain, yell and grieve that by working for many years in the same corporate/organization, they have totally lost their capability, credence, creativity, intelligence, confidence etc. In brief, they sum up that they have wasted their entire life by doing so. Further they also regret that if they had ever moved out of the said organization long before, they would have become totally different than what they are today.


People often blame the previous organization or the past situations a lot for them loosing some of their abilities and talents or what they had failed to achieve. The question is whether such confessions ever carry any truth or merit? All of us know that such complains are common with most people.     The simple tenet and truth of life is that only the undying passion and killer instinct makes people to become an achiever.  


Nature has a best example to demonstrate to such complainants in the corporate world. The example of nature clearly reveals that it is not the situation or the corporate ecosystem that affects ones own creativity and intelligence but how one is willing to respond to the newer situation and brings the necessary changes within only matters.


Look at the beauty of the plant Selaginella. This plant completely looses its water by about 95% during summer and dries off totally. In true sense, the plant Selaginella dies off completely or is left with just 5% water.


Astonishingly, when the plant receives water again, immediately it absorbs the water and turns totally into green, once again. The entire process doesn’t take days to week but happens very fast and spontaneous.


The message is loud and clear. People, who grieve and complain about how they have lost all their talents and creativity in their previous organization and how they have become less effective, must know the ‘superb resurrection’ strategy of the plant Selagenella. The plant loses about 95% of water during acute summer. Selagenella never dies when it loses about 95% of its water and nor its instinct and capability to become lush green again with full of life, when favourable condition returns.


If people believe in their true talents and capabilities, however long the hibernation period be, once they find best and favourable opportunity, they re-invent their talents and will makes the difference. True talents, capabilities, creativity etc., never dies. They may not express vividly due to circumstances but will never disappear or become redundant.


The plant Salaginella is called as ‘resurrection’ plant only because it comes back to life again from a state of lifelessness. Learn to understand the significance and meaning of the diversity of life on earth and learn the loud and astound management message of nature.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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