Un-pollinated trees are dropped out…a HR message

It is not just the mutual benefit but mutual dependency, absolute necessity and inseparability between people and corporate also become inevitable for the success both the corporate and its people. One may wonder how one could survive and be successful if such an exclusive dependency is ever created? In such relationship, if one partner gives a miss due to some reason, the other one have to go insignificant and defunct. Why nature says such ‘necessary relationship between the two different species also means grand success.

Look at the fig trees. All fig trees are completely depends on small wasps called ‘fig wasps’ for pollination. Without their help, the fig flower that turn outside in cannot pollinate. Interestingly the fig wasps also cannot breed anywhere else other than inside a fig fruit.

The fig wasp enters the flower when it is open and burrow inside when the flower turn from outside in and close completely. Inside the closed flower, the pollinator fig also gets protection to breed and while doing so, it also pollinates and fertilizes the fig flower.

The management message is not just how both partners mutually benefit, how both partners depends upon each other and how exclusive and acute such dependency is.   During this process, many other insects do try their luck by entering the fig fruit/flower. But they may not help the plant to pollinate. Instead, thy may use such ‘secure’ place to breed and rear their young ones. It would not benefit the fig trees at all. But the fig trees not only recognizes such ‘cheaters’ but also smartly punishes them.   The un-pollinated fruits, the fig trees never hold them. Such fruits quickly detach from the tree and get dropped. Once the fruit is dropped off the tree, would die off and that will necessarily also kill the ‘cheater’ insects. Only when the cheaters are destroyed, the menace due to them in future also can be minimized if not totally prevented.

The tree if holds/retains the un-pollinated fruits, it would not only cause huge economic loss to the tree but also populate cheaters who can destroy the fig trees in future by not pollinating the fruits. Once the tree recognizes the cheater who had entered the fruit, it is wise to loose the fruit and that is why it drops the un-pollinated fruits quickly.

It is not just the mutual benefit, absolute dependency and necessity between the two also can bring success. This language and meaning, both the corporate and its people must learn.

Be smart in such relationship to recognize and eliminate the cheaters. The fig trees are extremely successful despite having exclusive dependency on fig wasp to pollinate.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., ChennaiImage


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