Emotion, fear, social group and opportunity…a HR message

Need or competition or incapability or fear really keep people together, be as a gang or as a social group? The truth is that everything has a definite role. Interestingly, every feeling makes the people to be together as well as be apart from each other. It means, some needs surpasses the other needs and as a result of the above, suitable decisions are taken. Need only unites and need only divides people.

Imagine why deer, zebra, buffaloes etc., graze together. Although buffalo may have its own heard and similarly the zebra and deer also will have their own heard. All these animals eat grass and other green plants. However, all these different herbivores animals live together in the given ecosystem. Why they live together? Will it not such togetherness cause competition for food and space? But still why they prefer to do so?

On the contrary, many carnivores always look for other carnivores. Place where cheetah and leopard live, fox and hyena are also present. Here also such grouping will cause only competition not harmony. But animals still prefer that.

The possible reason is that the herbivores animals operate from fear or in other words, from the domain of emotion than intelligence. Hence they group together barring competition or space because ‘security’ becomes the most important need for them.

On the other hand, the carnivorous animals always look for big hunters. Stealing, snatching or settling with the left outs are some of the easier options kindle the fox and hyena to do so. For these small hunters, sometime hunting can become difficult. Adversity, difficulty and lack of adequate resources are only compelling them to search big hunters. When big hunters are around, there is an opportunity. The big hunters are naturally big and hence would hunt a prey somehow. When they hunt a big prey, naturally sufficient left outs are expected. Hence the fox and hyena look out for such opportunities.

Look at the difference. One group of animals group together due to fear and while the other group, for opportunity.

The question to be asked by the corporate people is that whether they are also looking for an opportunity and hence are in a group or due to fear?

If you are looking for an opportunity, is it due to adversity or that is your natural preference? No small carnivore will ever look such opportunity when they can hunt. Only when the condition is adverse, they go for such options.

One become incapable due to certain obvious reasons is accepted but incapability should not be the way of life. Introspect the emotion that makes one to be in a group and feel like correcting your state, correct it immediately.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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Know the rule of what you are and what you prefer…a HR message

A scientific study has revealed an interesting aspect about peoples ‘preference’ versus peoples ‘capability’. The finding reveals that people are quite fast in reading sentences that are constructed with 100 words but however they prefer sentences with 35 – 45 words. It means they want shorter columns than longer column, although they are quite fast in reading longer column.

The management message is that the preferences of people are mostly not in line with their capabilities. More often than not, the preferences most people are far below than their capabilities or in other words, no one really wants to fully stretch or use their capability. The most unfortunate fact is that they do not even want to know their capabilities either. Most people are unaware of their real talents.

One of the reasons is that people want quick results with least effort and least time spent. The well programmed mind for quick results dictates human actions and hence people work only as per their mental programme than working with their fullest capabilities.

Even animals do resort to such options. But the difference is that they are not looking for short cuts but do not want to waste their effort and energy for no result. The fastest runner cheetah or a big pack of wild dogs, never resort to exploit their strength or capability when they see a prey animal. They slowly move close to the prey animal, measure the distance, understand the possibility of the catch when they chase, the likely distance to chase etc. Only after ascertaining all the above facts, they resort to their strength or capability.

It does not mean that these animals have their preference far below than their capabilities. They do not want to simply believe that they are capable nor do they want to waste their effort. For definite success, they sometime freeze their capabilities. On the other hand, the corporate man, freeze his capabilities mostly without knowing it. Due to his shortsighted, impatience, greed and laziness, they often prefer things far below than their capabilities.

Unless this style of functioning is changed, no corporate can ever get what the best every individual employee can do.

When the corporate measure the result, they also must measure the capability of people as well and must evaluate how much of effort, strategy, time and planning the employee has invested in getting the result. The message is that do not be jubilant your employees result, be vigilant to know about their capabilities as well and also know their preferred methods are not short, quick and far below their capabilities.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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Problem of employees can be strength of the corporate

‘Inattention blindness’ is a common problem among people in corporate. Once the existence of such problem is understood and diagnosed, most of the people related problems can be dealt easily and the real talents and capabilities of people can be extracted. Inattention blindness is not just a problem but a state of mind and being. It has its own positive and negative impacts.

Inattention blindness means the inability of people to see many things and changes within the frame of what they have been seeing. It means, when people are watching a dancing performance, a rare feature like someone suddenly appear in gorilla dress are likely to be missed or not being noticed.

The cause for most of the error of people is largely due to ‘inattention blindness’. When people focus too much about something, it is natural that they miss to see the periphery. Similarly when people are not with the ‘present’ or thinking about something outside the purview, they often get lost over there and naturally as a result of the above, miss to see what is happening around them except what they have been doing.

Why people either get lost somewhere or get engrossed deeply into something so often? Asking the above question is much easier than giving a convincing answer.

Every human action and thoughts are controlled by the brain or otherwise called as the mind. All the sense organs are only to collect data about the external world and to reach them to the brain. Interestingly the brain only directs the sense organs to collect what data it wants. When the sense organs are fully under the control of brain, whatever they are likely to see are not what is present in front of them but what the brain wants them to see. That is how inattention blindness occurs.

Not only when the brain controls the sense organs, people show inattention blindness, when the brain looses control over the sense organs, also make people to exhibit inability to see things around them. Such state is however, different. Most narcotic drugs and alcohol intoxication do cause similar situation.

The beauty is, when the brain grips firmly the sense organs or it totally looses its control over them, people suffer the worst.

If people often miss to see the frame and only the picture, such people may have great focus. On the other hand, the people less likely to miss the frame also while seeing the picture in fact may lack adequate focus. But unfortunately, the later group of people are well appreciated in corporate than the former group of people. The problem is not due to people or their problem of inattention blindness, most corporate leaders and the HR function are not aware of this problem and its significance.
It does not mean that people who see only the picture and not the frame are people with great focus and the rest lack focus. The suggestion is that the corporate must verify people in the light of the above facts.

If the corporate leaders programme the tasks of the organization in the brain of people with inattention blindness, rather ask them to be more careful, such people can be made to produce wonderful results.

Every problem and limitations of people also can be converted as an extraordinary strength and benefit to the corporate if the leaders of corporate are ‘true leaders’ and the HR function is really ‘wise’ not just ‘nice’.

The predatory animals that live in pack or pride usually exploit the inattention blindness of the prey animals by capturing their attention and focus onto something. Only because of the awareness of inattention blindness, perhaps most prey animals have preferred to live as group/heard.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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HR needs and employee needs

The philosophy and science of ‘your needs are my needs’ and the ‘cause of your needs are only the cause of my needs’ as well, if the corporate people learn, they have solution to most of their problems. But unfortunately, even after knowing and be aware of the above, most people in corporate love only to unduly benefit at the expense of the other. Harmony, peace and mutual benefit become an easy commodity to corporate man if he ever follows the above principle.

It was all started of with the description the most common plant Aloe vera and how useful it is to human being. The scientists in the personal care industry said that the juice of the plant is an excellent moisturizer; it has sun protection effect etc. Imagine, why would Aloe vera has compounds that moisturize and offer sun protection to man? Is it for man, the plant has them all?

If we analyze the possible reason, we can understand the truth. The plant Aloe vera has succulent leaves. Further, it grows largely in arid and dry regions. Therefore the plant also need protection from sun and also it has to prevent hydration or drying. The above are definite needs of the plant and hence it possesses compounds that offer both the above mentioned benefits to the plant.

Interestingly, the compounds of Aloe vera are equally useful to man as well. It means human skin also requires sun protection and protection from drying. It means the cause for the above in man and Aloe vera are also the same.

Imagine when two different species of life has same cause/trigger that creates similar needs. If both the species of life ever agrees to live complimenting each other, both parties will benefit. But unfortunately man never thinks so.

All those working in corporate have definite needs. They need job, they need money. It is true for every one. The cause for the above need is also same, i.e. every one wants to live comfortably.

When the needs are same and the cause for the above needs are also same, then why not people support each other and benefit mutually than one attempt live at the expense of the other, exploit, jeopardize and destroy the other for own existence?

Look for mutually benefiting not defeating relationship. If man ever sense the above truth, neither will he destroy nature, nor he will create confusion and commotion in corporate ecosystem. Not with intelligence, the corporate man should try to understand the above but only with sense of responsibility, only then he can understand the inner message.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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Duality was problem to Einstein and HR

Which is real, this or that? This question, most of us would have encountered at some stage in our life. Assume that your boss in your corporate have taken a position when he was with you and suddenly he changes his stand when his boss appears in the scene. People call it to be duality or dual behaviour. Which behaviour of the boss is true, the one he displayed to his subordinate or the one to his superior?

This question also, many in the corporate would have asked and or searched for an answer. The confusion is more due to the way each one of us want things around us to behave. We are unwilling to see the existence of dualism at the existential or existence level. Each one of us is seeing only one of the two’s and when gets to see the other, we simply blame, complain or grieve.

This jigsaw, most scientists and if we ever wants to be precise and perfect, even Albert Einstein and other physicists also have faced when they saw the appearance of light both in ‘wave’ like and ‘particle’ like. Subsequent to further experiments and understanding, the ‘wave-particle duality’ theory was proposed. According to the above theory, all elementary particles, example – light, exist both as ‘wave’ and ‘particle’.

Only through different experiments (situations) such differences or duality of light can be understood. Similarly, the behavioural or ideological shift of the bosses need not be totally due to their fault. Like how light exists as wave and particle, they also may exist as two separate individuals with totally different character and identity viz.,

1. one when they are with and or to their subordinates
2. the other when they are with and or to their superiors

One should never complain about what one has not seen does not exist or happen to see differently means, it shouldn’t be so. Accept duality as it is possible. Also accept things that can exist totally in two separate unimaginable forms. When light and all elementary particles can have duality, why not, the corporate bosses?

Albert Einstein and other physicists got corrected from their earlier notion with the new wisdom of ‘wave-particle duality theory’.

Remember, if your boss reveals one identity to you and other to his superior that is how he is made. Also remember, you are also made only that way. To know the truth, one has to ask about your behaviour both to your subordinates and to your boss.

Question without putting effort to understand the mystery and truth will not make anyone happy. To be happy, follow Einstein and other physicists, understand the anomalies before you cry or grieve.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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Learn from Tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog…dear HR

If you are wise, you will never go helpless is the management message, the corporate people have to learn from Tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog. The message is simple and straight, i.e., be smart and wise than be sad and worried about your helpless state. Look at the beauty of nature. Tiger keelback snake is quite unique when compared to other snakes. Its teeth are positioned deep inside its mouth and hence cannot bit easily. May be because of the above limitation, the snake usually prefers to flee than fend or attack.

Scientists have later proved that the poison, the snake gathers and accumulate mainly by eating the poisonous toads. It means, it steals the poison from toads. Studies have further shown that the tiger keelback snake that lives in habitat where toads are not present, are not found to be least poisonous and choose to escape than fight or fend. By being wise, the tiger keelback snake becomes poisonous by eating poisonous toads.

Another best example of nature is the poison arrow frog. The poison arrow frog also gathers its toxin from certain species of beetles it chooses to eat. The poison arrow frog is very brilliantly coloured, attractive and simultaneously is also deadly. If the frog has not learned the technique of how to become poisonous by eating some species of beetles, due to its attractive and brilliant colour, it would have become an easy prey to many animals.

Message of the nature is that none of the above species of animals have ever appeared to have felt helpless or dismay. They have applied their intelligence and learned the art of how defend and ward off the predator or threat.

Most corporate employees only blame their helplessness, situation and inability than use their intelligence to overcome or surpass it. Because of the above, they continue to struggle in the same organization, endure insult and denial of their due respect and recognition. By continuing in the same organization they prefer to waste their talents and creativity. Nature sends these examples only to educate the corporate man as how he should be.

The tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog has every right to blame the nature as why they were created helplessly when compared to many other animals that do not have to feel so. Imagine if the tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog had ever kneeled down to such question/limitation, today they would not have come as teacher/reference to the modern corporate.

Learn to be wise and learn how to overcome your helpless state. Never blame or go helpless. Learn from the nature’s gift – Tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog. If you are wise, you will never go helpless.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
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