Learn from Tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog…dear HR

If you are wise, you will never go helpless is the management message, the corporate people have to learn from Tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog. The message is simple and straight, i.e., be smart and wise than be sad and worried about your helpless state. Look at the beauty of nature. Tiger keelback snake is quite unique when compared to other snakes. Its teeth are positioned deep inside its mouth and hence cannot bit easily. May be because of the above limitation, the snake usually prefers to flee than fend or attack.

Scientists have later proved that the poison, the snake gathers and accumulate mainly by eating the poisonous toads. It means, it steals the poison from toads. Studies have further shown that the tiger keelback snake that lives in habitat where toads are not present, are not found to be least poisonous and choose to escape than fight or fend. By being wise, the tiger keelback snake becomes poisonous by eating poisonous toads.

Another best example of nature is the poison arrow frog. The poison arrow frog also gathers its toxin from certain species of beetles it chooses to eat. The poison arrow frog is very brilliantly coloured, attractive and simultaneously is also deadly. If the frog has not learned the technique of how to become poisonous by eating some species of beetles, due to its attractive and brilliant colour, it would have become an easy prey to many animals.

Message of the nature is that none of the above species of animals have ever appeared to have felt helpless or dismay. They have applied their intelligence and learned the art of how defend and ward off the predator or threat.

Most corporate employees only blame their helplessness, situation and inability than use their intelligence to overcome or surpass it. Because of the above, they continue to struggle in the same organization, endure insult and denial of their due respect and recognition. By continuing in the same organization they prefer to waste their talents and creativity. Nature sends these examples only to educate the corporate man as how he should be.

The tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog has every right to blame the nature as why they were created helplessly when compared to many other animals that do not have to feel so. Imagine if the tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog had ever kneeled down to such question/limitation, today they would not have come as teacher/reference to the modern corporate.

Learn to be wise and learn how to overcome your helpless state. Never blame or go helpless. Learn from the nature’s gift – Tiger keelback snake and poison arrow frog. If you are wise, you will never go helpless.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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