Duality was problem to Einstein and HR

Which is real, this or that? This question, most of us would have encountered at some stage in our life. Assume that your boss in your corporate have taken a position when he was with you and suddenly he changes his stand when his boss appears in the scene. People call it to be duality or dual behaviour. Which behaviour of the boss is true, the one he displayed to his subordinate or the one to his superior?

This question also, many in the corporate would have asked and or searched for an answer. The confusion is more due to the way each one of us want things around us to behave. We are unwilling to see the existence of dualism at the existential or existence level. Each one of us is seeing only one of the two’s and when gets to see the other, we simply blame, complain or grieve.

This jigsaw, most scientists and if we ever wants to be precise and perfect, even Albert Einstein and other physicists also have faced when they saw the appearance of light both in ‘wave’ like and ‘particle’ like. Subsequent to further experiments and understanding, the ‘wave-particle duality’ theory was proposed. According to the above theory, all elementary particles, example – light, exist both as ‘wave’ and ‘particle’.

Only through different experiments (situations) such differences or duality of light can be understood. Similarly, the behavioural or ideological shift of the bosses need not be totally due to their fault. Like how light exists as wave and particle, they also may exist as two separate individuals with totally different character and identity viz.,

1. one when they are with and or to their subordinates
2. the other when they are with and or to their superiors

One should never complain about what one has not seen does not exist or happen to see differently means, it shouldn’t be so. Accept duality as it is possible. Also accept things that can exist totally in two separate unimaginable forms. When light and all elementary particles can have duality, why not, the corporate bosses?

Albert Einstein and other physicists got corrected from their earlier notion with the new wisdom of ‘wave-particle duality theory’.

Remember, if your boss reveals one identity to you and other to his superior that is how he is made. Also remember, you are also made only that way. To know the truth, one has to ask about your behaviour both to your subordinates and to your boss.

Question without putting effort to understand the mystery and truth will not make anyone happy. To be happy, follow Einstein and other physicists, understand the anomalies before you cry or grieve.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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