HR needs and employee needs

The philosophy and science of ‘your needs are my needs’ and the ‘cause of your needs are only the cause of my needs’ as well, if the corporate people learn, they have solution to most of their problems. But unfortunately, even after knowing and be aware of the above, most people in corporate love only to unduly benefit at the expense of the other. Harmony, peace and mutual benefit become an easy commodity to corporate man if he ever follows the above principle.

It was all started of with the description the most common plant Aloe vera and how useful it is to human being. The scientists in the personal care industry said that the juice of the plant is an excellent moisturizer; it has sun protection effect etc. Imagine, why would Aloe vera has compounds that moisturize and offer sun protection to man? Is it for man, the plant has them all?

If we analyze the possible reason, we can understand the truth. The plant Aloe vera has succulent leaves. Further, it grows largely in arid and dry regions. Therefore the plant also need protection from sun and also it has to prevent hydration or drying. The above are definite needs of the plant and hence it possesses compounds that offer both the above mentioned benefits to the plant.

Interestingly, the compounds of Aloe vera are equally useful to man as well. It means human skin also requires sun protection and protection from drying. It means the cause for the above in man and Aloe vera are also the same.

Imagine when two different species of life has same cause/trigger that creates similar needs. If both the species of life ever agrees to live complimenting each other, both parties will benefit. But unfortunately man never thinks so.

All those working in corporate have definite needs. They need job, they need money. It is true for every one. The cause for the above need is also same, i.e. every one wants to live comfortably.

When the needs are same and the cause for the above needs are also same, then why not people support each other and benefit mutually than one attempt live at the expense of the other, exploit, jeopardize and destroy the other for own existence?

Look for mutually benefiting not defeating relationship. If man ever sense the above truth, neither will he destroy nature, nor he will create confusion and commotion in corporate ecosystem. Not with intelligence, the corporate man should try to understand the above but only with sense of responsibility, only then he can understand the inner message.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
Desire, Dream, Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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