Emotion, fear, social group and opportunity…a HR message

Need or competition or incapability or fear really keep people together, be as a gang or as a social group? The truth is that everything has a definite role. Interestingly, every feeling makes the people to be together as well as be apart from each other. It means, some needs surpasses the other needs and as a result of the above, suitable decisions are taken. Need only unites and need only divides people.

Imagine why deer, zebra, buffaloes etc., graze together. Although buffalo may have its own heard and similarly the zebra and deer also will have their own heard. All these animals eat grass and other green plants. However, all these different herbivores animals live together in the given ecosystem. Why they live together? Will it not such togetherness cause competition for food and space? But still why they prefer to do so?

On the contrary, many carnivores always look for other carnivores. Place where cheetah and leopard live, fox and hyena are also present. Here also such grouping will cause only competition not harmony. But animals still prefer that.

The possible reason is that the herbivores animals operate from fear or in other words, from the domain of emotion than intelligence. Hence they group together barring competition or space because ‘security’ becomes the most important need for them.

On the other hand, the carnivorous animals always look for big hunters. Stealing, snatching or settling with the left outs are some of the easier options kindle the fox and hyena to do so. For these small hunters, sometime hunting can become difficult. Adversity, difficulty and lack of adequate resources are only compelling them to search big hunters. When big hunters are around, there is an opportunity. The big hunters are naturally big and hence would hunt a prey somehow. When they hunt a big prey, naturally sufficient left outs are expected. Hence the fox and hyena look out for such opportunities.

Look at the difference. One group of animals group together due to fear and while the other group, for opportunity.

The question to be asked by the corporate people is that whether they are also looking for an opportunity and hence are in a group or due to fear?

If you are looking for an opportunity, is it due to adversity or that is your natural preference? No small carnivore will ever look such opportunity when they can hunt. Only when the condition is adverse, they go for such options.

One become incapable due to certain obvious reasons is accepted but incapability should not be the way of life. Introspect the emotion that makes one to be in a group and feel like correcting your state, correct it immediately.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai
Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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