They are not willing means they are ‘professional’…a HR message

The electrons in an atom always work for stability and similarly the people in corporate for safety and security. The electrons in every atom hence follow ‘Pauli Exclusion Principle’ i.e., they always circle around the nucleus from stable low energy level to reasonably unstable higher energy level. Quite similar to that, the people in corporate encircles their bosses and largely engaged in pleasing, praising and worshiping them as well.  


Further the electrons in the outer orbit never fall into the inner shell and cause crowd in the inner orbit or around the nucleus. The electrons always position from lower energy state to higher state in any given atom. Hence the higher energy electrons can never fall into the lower orbit.


The corporate people in general also perfectly follow the ‘Pauli Exclusion Principle’ more than in one way. Like how the electrons in the outer orbit will never fall into the inner orbit, so are people in corporate, for example, a manager or GM will never show willingness do the job of an officer or an executive. This is not just because of the differences in the designation i.e., hierarchy. Some employees with higher designations may show willingness to do any job, even the job of the lower cadre because of the fear that, only then they can retain their job.


The people who show unwillingness are relatively more career centric, growth oriented, positive and progressive in nature. Whereas the other lot of people who are willing to swing to any direction and definition and are willing to do any job, mostly lack self esteem, pride, career vision etc.


The message is that HR can comfortably use ‘Pauli Exclusion Principle’ as one of the best tools to know about people, their psychology, their career vision, their pride etc. The people who always encircle and praise their bosses need not be doing so due to inefficiency. If only by pleasing the boss one could survive in a corporate, naturally even the most capable employee might do the above to some extent.   Only when we check the second aspect of ‘Pauli Exclusion Principle’ (i.e., the electrons in the higher energy orbit will never occupy the lower energy orbit), people at the higher positional level never swing to lower level just to please the boss and secure the job. Such people may be described by the corporate as non adaptable and irresponsible, but they are neither of that. Only such people can add value to the ‘intellectual growth’ of the organization.


The suggestion is not against flexibility of people. But while being flexible, make sure it is not done at the expense of ones self respect and the dignity what each designation deserves. The HR also should use the ‘unwilling’ behaviour of people as one of the finest quality of leadership and not the sign of indifference or insubordination.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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