Understand and learn science….a HR message

Is biology and chemistry sometime contradicts with each other to support the biological system? The meaning should be derived and understood more from the management perspective than from science. Such contradictions are inevitable for quality leadership in corporate.


If we ask the question of why we do not get stuck to the floor we walk or stand or to a chair we use to sit, we will get to know about chemistry and how it contradict physics. The outermost shell/orbit of all atoms of all substances (biotic and abiotic) is made of electrons. All electrons carry negative charge. When two different substances with negatively charged particles come in contact with each other, repulsive force is created due to similar charges. Only because of such repulsive force, we do not get stuck to any object we use either to stand or sit or sleep.


If there is constant repulsion, how we can even sit so comfortably on anything? Imagine, if such repulsive force is acting between our feet and floor, how we could balance to stand or run? We may simply say it to be due to gravity. If we roll an object (ball) through a smooth surface, due to the electron-electron repulsion, the object is expected to move continuously until we stop its motion intentionally. But the object automatically stops at some level. This is due to the frictional force that acts between the object and the surface.


The interesting point is that at electron level, different materials repel at each other whereas at the level of friction, different materials are gripped together. Is there a contradiction? If we have to assume it to be contradiction, how then it favor the biological system so effectively.


It is not just that they oppose to each other or contradict with each other just for the sake of opposing or contradicting. They do so only to keep the larger interest, i.e. to support the biological system as a whole.  


In corporate, sometime consensus may look elusive amongst leaders. They contradict or may appear to oppose each other. But in reality, such opposition need not be viewed from the premises of ‘enmity’ or ‘prejudice’ amongst people. All those oppose to each other in corporate may be doing so only to keep the corporate wellness and it success in mind. Understand the wonders in science and learn the subtle management message the science teaches us.   If HR bring science to their understanding, knowing and managing conflicts among people become easy.


What science say to corporate is that look at every issues closely, understand them, understand the inner contradictions and its meaning before drawing any conclusion. In such corporate, problems never look big and only people will look bigger than their problems/challenges.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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