Sufficiently rich but still sad and dull…a HR message

Many people often feel that they are far behind time. Similarly some corporate also feel that competition due to innovation of other organizations are killing them. The real question is that when the people and corporate would feel dullness and lifelessness? Is when they are far behind time or with the tune of time?


Are people when fall behind time feel miserable, archaic, outdated, irrelevant and lost out from the race or when they are with time feels the above?


Remember when one is behind the time or with the time, both states will give same level of despondent feelings. According to physics, when two different trains traveling at same speed and same direction; the people traveling in one train cannot see the movement of the other train. To see the movement, one has to use a fixed frame for comparison. Unless and until a fixed frame is not used for comparison, the differences and distinctions cannot be seen, felt or experienced.


The people in corporate that are moving with time will certainly find no charm or challenge in their life is only due to the above law of physics. People seldom understand the fact that ‘contemporariness’ also can cause dullness and melancholy. Such dullness is more due to the fact that people attach their end goals just only to meet the time and space and nothing more than that. Further, people always want ‘difference’, ‘novelty’ and ‘challenge’ in their life. The challenge is otherwise a task for the future.    


It means, always one has to have some goal or task or challenge that will always attract one to move forward. When one is with time, such pulling force is not there and hence there is dullness. It means, slightly be ‘behind the time’ and never be with time.


A state of continuous motion or a state of complete rest, both makes only same sense in science and that is called ‘inertia’. Only when there is difference/change, dynamism comes and life become energetic only when one is dynamic not static.


The message is that never ever think that if you are creating sufficient meaning for today is not enough. If you have done so means you have only created space and scope for you and not the meaning for you. As you have only met what you are suppose to meet for the day and nothing beyond that.


Reasons for the sadness of people who are sufficiently rich or have achieved are only because they do not find enough challenges in their life. Another message is that if you have accomplished your challenge/goal means, your challenge is ‘simple’ and ‘easy’ and your capability is ‘high’. Setting your goal according to your capability is one aspect of success but one also must set goals that will enhance ones capability is also equally important aspect of success. Only from real success, people can find happiness.


The message for the corporate is that do not believe that ‘contemporariness’ will offer meaning and relevance only challenges can do.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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