From where comes the negative thoughts…a HR message

If we were to accept at least hypothetically the terms/signs ‘positive’ always refers to good things and on the contrary the term ‘negative’, refers to bad things, then the corporate has lot to learn from the structure of ‘nucleus’ of every atom.

Every atom is composed of protons – the positively charged particles, electrons – the negatively charged particles and electrically neither positively nor negatively charged particles, called ‘neutrons’ that forms the third group. But interestingly the nucleus of every atom is composed of only by protons and neutrons and whereas the negatively charged electrons that spins around the nucleus.   Electrons are not part of the nucleus of any atom.

The message to learn is that ‘NUCLEUS’ of every atom is composed of only with positively charged particles and neutrons – that posses neither of the charges. Negatively charged particles are always situated further away from the nucleus.

Remember, the nucleus of our birth and very existence and our goals & ambitions in life etc., does not have any negative energy/force. They are always directed only towards the positive side. But we only pollute and adulterate the ‘atom and nucleus’ of our very existence with negative energy/thoughts that encircles us.   If we understand this truth and its existence in every life form on earth, instead of being sad and dismay at everything, we learn to enjoy our life.

Another important aspect is that atoms never undergo any change even when they are involved in chemical transformations. Such phenomenon is called ‘conservation of atom’.   Thus, our both positive energy and negative energy remain unchanged irrespective of the fact whether we enjoy and celebrate or feel pity and nostalgic about an event or situation.

If we strongly centered and revolve around the nucleus of our being, all encircled negative aspects/energy seldom affects us although they continuously spin around our existence.

Like how electrons look for stability, the negative feelings, temptations, low self esteem, anger etc., of people are also looks for their stability & permanency and hence the people who are preyed by these emotions always look for people with similar qualities. Like how birds of same feather flocks together.

Sad and complaining people in every corporate always look for such people while the ‘easy go happy people’ search for fun loving, joyful people.

The ultimate message is that negative energy and feelings are never in your being level but are present only in the outer space of your being level. If you focus on your virtuous zone, the effect of negative force can be nullified.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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The best and the future…a HR message

Why many animals and plants are listed as endangered? The possible and real answer will be their over predation and destruction of the habitats. If the above reasons were some of the major causes for the endangered status of some animals and plants, then why these plants and animals fail to breed in captive conditions? In captive condition, near to all the requirements of the endangered plants and animals are provided for their successful reproduction, but still they fails to reproduce, why?

The reason appeared to be management related than scientific. In captivity, especially the animals and plants that are maintained for breeding purposes are cared and reared ‘specially’. It is therefore assumed that these plants and animals have to be happy and comfortable and hence must reproduce well. There is no doubt that the endangered plants and animals that are maintained for breeding purposes are to be happy as they grow healthy in captive conditions.

But these animals and plants may have different philosophy of ‘happiness’ and ‘future’.   They may be very particular that the future generation they produce must be fittest, strongest and smartest and hence they can easily surpass all oddities and adversities in future.

Another profound management truth may be that these animals and plants may not like to extrapolate the present to future. The comfort and luxury that they enjoy today need not be available to their future generation and hence what they produce under luxury may not have the combating power to deal the adversities in future.   Hence are not keen to reproduce.

The management insight to be understood from the above by the corporate is that they should always attempt produce only the best that can easily surpass all the limitations of time. Most of the people in corporate work hard to show result because only if they do so they can retain their job. While others produce result because all the requirements that are necessary to produce result are available in the corporate. People become either of the above group because they just focus only on their effort. Understand the importance of the result, its value, durability and its future relevance.

Understand how intelligently the nature has implanted the great management insight in some plants and animals that are already endangered. Not the endangered state or acute necessity, only the instinct to produce the best drives some of the endangered plants and animals that fails to breed in captivity.

Unfortunately most people in corporate define and limit their performances either due to the need or to please their bosses or as a result of the above, most of them showcases only below average performance. Do not measure people but measure their performances. Certainly a new order can be created in corporate.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Your boss is not working is not true…a HR message

It is well known that the subordinates in most corporate usually feel, comment and say that their bosses are not doing any work and they are completely enjoying all the laurels of the corporate only at the expense of their subordinates. It means that, only because of their subordinates, the bosses could retain even their job. Such description or assertion of the subordinates in most corporate may not be fully true but certainly it holds enough water as far the corporate that are run directly by the entrepreneurs are concerned.   The people in such corporate smartly praise the entrepreneur/the ultimate boss and earn their goodwill and run an easy life over there.

The complaint is that the bosses know only to push/slap all the responsibilities upon the subordinates and then to relax. In brief, the above expressions of the subordinates across the corporate may evoke an opinion/assumption that only the subordinates toil/slog more than their bosses in any corporate. If we visit any corporate for example, we may find the subordinates working while the bosses may be surfing through the net or talking to some visitors. In any organization, the subordinates will always appear busier than their bosses. Only such situations have made the subordinates to form an opinion that they are only working while their bosses work the least.

The people in corporate must learn about ‘continuity equation’ of fluids. According to the above equation, the flow of all fluids strictly follows the law of conservation of mass. If a fluid is passed through a pipe that has one end very broad and the other end which is narrow, the volume of liquid flows through the broad end of the pipe and the narrow end of the pipe per unit time will be same. The speed of flow of water/liquid may appear high through the narrow end of the tube and the speed of flow of fluid through the broad end of the tube may appear slow. This difference is only to keep the volume of the liquid flowed through the pipe per unit time, the same.

Physics has taught us that not the speed of flow of liquids through the narrow end of the tube or the wide end of the tube should be taken but only the volume of the liquid flowed through the different end per unit time should be measured.   If we measure the volume of fluid, irrespective of the speed of the flow, volume of the fluid remain same from both ends of the pipe for the given time point.

Some people may appear busy than some others in corporate. It does not mean that the people who are busy are only working hard for the organization and not the others. Only the outcome of the effort should be measured. If we go by what we see or perceive without any scientific understanding, what we see becomes the gospel truth to us. However, the truth can completely different.

If we limit our understanding to the speed of flow of liquid through broad end to narrow end of a tube, we may say, the speed (pressure) is high at the narrow end. The speed through narrow end is high only to compensate the volume of liquid per unit time.   Go by the final measure and not by the apparent measure to define or describe anything. Add science to your understanding, then perception lead confusion or error in judgment can be easily avoided.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Check, how close are you to your goal…a HR message

Most people in corporate easily loose their steam much before achieving their goal/task. Often they say that the goal is too hard to achieve. The simple reason they attributes to the above is that many external factors had affected their effort and those factors they did not consider while setting the goal nor could they change them.   Another most common reason they state for not achieving the goal is the shortage or paucity of time. The time to achieve the goal was too short and hence they could not achieve.


One of the reasons for why people find it hard to achieve their goal is that they do not measure how close they are to achieve it and nor do they derive any pleasure from doing it.   Many commercial establishments selling commodities use the management trick of ‘goal gradient effect’ to motivate the customers to increase their purchase intent.


Goal gradient effect/effort states that all animals including humans increase their effort when they realize that they are too close to achieving the goal. Proximity to a goal/reward increases human effort and commitment.  


The corporate bosses, while setting Herculean goals to their subordinates, must also give small measures/yard sticks. Achieving the each measure/yard sticks should be made as the first priority of people and ultimately achieving each yardstick will easily take them to accomplish the main goal.  


Do not allow people to have so much of empty space between the goal and its achievement.   People get tired often not because they are uninterested or incapable of achieving such goals, but they find the path from goal to its final destination (achievement) long, very dull, barren and disgusting.  


Look at the beauty of goal gradient effect. People go for shopping with clear understanding of how much money they have and hence what should be their purchase value. Imagine they have intended to spent only rupees 900. If the shop keeper says to the customer after their purchase that if they exceed rupees 950, they would get another article for 75% less than its original price. The shop keeper may further motivates the buyer that having purchased for 900 rupees, adding another 50 rupees would fetch them an article for 75% lesser cost. The buyers normally get motivated by the fact that adding a little more is only going to profit them greatly. Finally they would end up spending 1500 or more instead of their initial intent of 900.


The achievement orientation and effort of people can be easily increased several folds if the corporate bosses use simple methods. Make people to feel that they are always close to their goal. Assure them and then they will happily invest more effort, energy and time.

Unfortunately most corporate bosses instead of motivating people to achieve their goal, whip them by telling that they have already lost time and others in the organization have already completed their task etc.


Even the giant crocodile and blue whale jump so high in the sky only due to goal gradient effect. When the food is shown just above the water, they jump. If the food is kept near to their reach, they jump and slowly increase the height of their jump as well. Imagine, if the food were kept at great height, these animals may not even bother to look at it.


Motivate and reward people to make them achievers. Do not scare them or tell them the task is so high or have lost time.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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