Your boss is not working is not true…a HR message

It is well known that the subordinates in most corporate usually feel, comment and say that their bosses are not doing any work and they are completely enjoying all the laurels of the corporate only at the expense of their subordinates. It means that, only because of their subordinates, the bosses could retain even their job. Such description or assertion of the subordinates in most corporate may not be fully true but certainly it holds enough water as far the corporate that are run directly by the entrepreneurs are concerned.   The people in such corporate smartly praise the entrepreneur/the ultimate boss and earn their goodwill and run an easy life over there.

The complaint is that the bosses know only to push/slap all the responsibilities upon the subordinates and then to relax. In brief, the above expressions of the subordinates across the corporate may evoke an opinion/assumption that only the subordinates toil/slog more than their bosses in any corporate. If we visit any corporate for example, we may find the subordinates working while the bosses may be surfing through the net or talking to some visitors. In any organization, the subordinates will always appear busier than their bosses. Only such situations have made the subordinates to form an opinion that they are only working while their bosses work the least.

The people in corporate must learn about ‘continuity equation’ of fluids. According to the above equation, the flow of all fluids strictly follows the law of conservation of mass. If a fluid is passed through a pipe that has one end very broad and the other end which is narrow, the volume of liquid flows through the broad end of the pipe and the narrow end of the pipe per unit time will be same. The speed of flow of water/liquid may appear high through the narrow end of the tube and the speed of flow of fluid through the broad end of the tube may appear slow. This difference is only to keep the volume of the liquid flowed through the pipe per unit time, the same.

Physics has taught us that not the speed of flow of liquids through the narrow end of the tube or the wide end of the tube should be taken but only the volume of the liquid flowed through the different end per unit time should be measured.   If we measure the volume of fluid, irrespective of the speed of the flow, volume of the fluid remain same from both ends of the pipe for the given time point.

Some people may appear busy than some others in corporate. It does not mean that the people who are busy are only working hard for the organization and not the others. Only the outcome of the effort should be measured. If we go by what we see or perceive without any scientific understanding, what we see becomes the gospel truth to us. However, the truth can completely different.

If we limit our understanding to the speed of flow of liquid through broad end to narrow end of a tube, we may say, the speed (pressure) is high at the narrow end. The speed through narrow end is high only to compensate the volume of liquid per unit time.   Go by the final measure and not by the apparent measure to define or describe anything. Add science to your understanding, then perception lead confusion or error in judgment can be easily avoided.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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