The best and the future…a HR message

Why many animals and plants are listed as endangered? The possible and real answer will be their over predation and destruction of the habitats. If the above reasons were some of the major causes for the endangered status of some animals and plants, then why these plants and animals fail to breed in captive conditions? In captive condition, near to all the requirements of the endangered plants and animals are provided for their successful reproduction, but still they fails to reproduce, why?

The reason appeared to be management related than scientific. In captivity, especially the animals and plants that are maintained for breeding purposes are cared and reared ‘specially’. It is therefore assumed that these plants and animals have to be happy and comfortable and hence must reproduce well. There is no doubt that the endangered plants and animals that are maintained for breeding purposes are to be happy as they grow healthy in captive conditions.

But these animals and plants may have different philosophy of ‘happiness’ and ‘future’.   They may be very particular that the future generation they produce must be fittest, strongest and smartest and hence they can easily surpass all oddities and adversities in future.

Another profound management truth may be that these animals and plants may not like to extrapolate the present to future. The comfort and luxury that they enjoy today need not be available to their future generation and hence what they produce under luxury may not have the combating power to deal the adversities in future.   Hence are not keen to reproduce.

The management insight to be understood from the above by the corporate is that they should always attempt produce only the best that can easily surpass all the limitations of time. Most of the people in corporate work hard to show result because only if they do so they can retain their job. While others produce result because all the requirements that are necessary to produce result are available in the corporate. People become either of the above group because they just focus only on their effort. Understand the importance of the result, its value, durability and its future relevance.

Understand how intelligently the nature has implanted the great management insight in some plants and animals that are already endangered. Not the endangered state or acute necessity, only the instinct to produce the best drives some of the endangered plants and animals that fails to breed in captivity.

Unfortunately most people in corporate define and limit their performances either due to the need or to please their bosses or as a result of the above, most of them showcases only below average performance. Do not measure people but measure their performances. Certainly a new order can be created in corporate.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum



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