From where comes the negative thoughts…a HR message

If we were to accept at least hypothetically the terms/signs ‘positive’ always refers to good things and on the contrary the term ‘negative’, refers to bad things, then the corporate has lot to learn from the structure of ‘nucleus’ of every atom.

Every atom is composed of protons – the positively charged particles, electrons – the negatively charged particles and electrically neither positively nor negatively charged particles, called ‘neutrons’ that forms the third group. But interestingly the nucleus of every atom is composed of only by protons and neutrons and whereas the negatively charged electrons that spins around the nucleus.   Electrons are not part of the nucleus of any atom.

The message to learn is that ‘NUCLEUS’ of every atom is composed of only with positively charged particles and neutrons – that posses neither of the charges. Negatively charged particles are always situated further away from the nucleus.

Remember, the nucleus of our birth and very existence and our goals & ambitions in life etc., does not have any negative energy/force. They are always directed only towards the positive side. But we only pollute and adulterate the ‘atom and nucleus’ of our very existence with negative energy/thoughts that encircles us.   If we understand this truth and its existence in every life form on earth, instead of being sad and dismay at everything, we learn to enjoy our life.

Another important aspect is that atoms never undergo any change even when they are involved in chemical transformations. Such phenomenon is called ‘conservation of atom’.   Thus, our both positive energy and negative energy remain unchanged irrespective of the fact whether we enjoy and celebrate or feel pity and nostalgic about an event or situation.

If we strongly centered and revolve around the nucleus of our being, all encircled negative aspects/energy seldom affects us although they continuously spin around our existence.

Like how electrons look for stability, the negative feelings, temptations, low self esteem, anger etc., of people are also looks for their stability & permanency and hence the people who are preyed by these emotions always look for people with similar qualities. Like how birds of same feather flocks together.

Sad and complaining people in every corporate always look for such people while the ‘easy go happy people’ search for fun loving, joyful people.

The ultimate message is that negative energy and feelings are never in your being level but are present only in the outer space of your being level. If you focus on your virtuous zone, the effect of negative force can be nullified.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum



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