Bee and wasp and corporate leaders

A study on the sociobiology of insects by the corporate leaders would serve them with one of the finest HR messages of how to conduct an organization that is free from conflicts and confusion. People often will say that creating well defined systems, SOP’s and DOP’s, ‘HR scriptures’ etc., will serve the above purpose. The HR also will try hard to ensures that every one follow the system meticulously. But still there will be lot of confusion and conflicts do occur in corporate.

While creating several full proof systems and process, unfortunately most of the corporate leaders neglect the role of ‘discipline and interference’. Unless these two important elements are clearly understood and followed correctly, no system and process would ever work or would help to avoid all avoidable conflicts.

Look at the social life of insects like honey bee, wasp or ant, for example. They are like miniature corporate in its functioning and purpose. The queen bee is the nucleus of the colony. The division of labor is so precise, well articulated and perfect. The most striking point one should not miss to notice in the hierarchy of social insects is that the queen bee never interferes in the freedom, responsibility and working style of other bees in the colony. The discipline she follows is remarkable and exemplary. The perfect armamentarium of the social life of these insects is possible and existent only because of the highest order of disciple displayed and followed by the queen bee, the ultimate head of beehive. This is true with reference to the colony of wasp and ants as well.

The discipline is other wise defined as avoidance of ones unwanted interference in others freedom and dignity.   Discipline and non-interference must accompany the delegation and empowerment of people in corporate. It is not binding people to responsibility makes the difference, but makes them feel about the same and let them be a party and partner in building the organization.

Unfortunately most of the corporate/organizations that are directly run by the entrepreneurs, individually or along with other family members, never appear to have understood the above essence. They are known to interfere in every activity of the employees and even in the purchase ‘stapler pin to cargo’. Interestingly such organization will not have any dearth of process documents, hierarchy systems and HR departments.

Insects are classified as the primitive animals in Kingdom ‘Animalia’. But look at their genius. How beautifully they maintain their colony free from conflicts. The sense of responsibility of worker and soldier insects during defense is also amazing. They have achieved the above purely due to discipline and un-interfering culture of queen bee into the freedom and dignity of others in the colony.

People to display such high level of discipline and un-interfering leadership quality in corporate requires enormous self confidence, self trust and trust and confidence in others.

Do not get lost in just using the fancy buzz words like ‘delegation’, ‘empowerment’ etc., but be a follower of right and righteous principles first and operate from the domain of confidence, self discipline. Also respect the freedom and dignity of your employees.

Look at the marvelous HR message of nature and how beautifully she has created the insects like honey bee, wasp and ant.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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Chemistry knowledge between boss and subordinate…a HR message

The corporate bosses and the respective HR functions must know about one of the most useful chemical laws in reaction chemistry i.e. the law of definite proportion or law of constant proportion. The above law states that all chemical compounds are made up of elements that are same and combined together in the same proportion by mass and not by either weight or number.

Only at the mass level similarity or definiteness, the similar elements at a definite proportion results in the formation of compounds and not at their number or weight.

In corporate, when the performance of people are measured or appraised against the objectives set at the beginning, the right yardsticks must be used and only then the effort versus result generated by people can be clearly ascertained and valuated.

Unfortunately the proportion of time spent by people for the given task or the number of people who are allotted for the given task are only largely considered as the bargaining point both by the appraise and appraiser. But neither the time nor the number of people who are assigned with a task/project will yield the result. For achieving the result one requires the understanding of the end objective, methods to be adopted, time and resource needed etc., are essential.

Only when the elements by mass combine, the desired compound can be made or synthesized. It is not the lack of effort most people find no or less result but only due to the lack of understanding of the objectives, knowledge about the methodologies to be adopted to achieve the above and finally the resources required etc. Such knowledge is largely missing with most people.

Simply the effort or hard work alone is not sufficient. The message is not to belittle the hard work but work with proper understanding. Even to get a compound, just mixing of different elements is not sufficient but the proportion of different elements at their same proportion by mass must takes place.

Unfortunately most of the appraisal systems are subjective, prejudiced and appraiser centric. What the appraiser wish to conclude or states become the truth and the appraise gets little chance contest.   The above confusion is mainly due to the system being porous and less scientific.

Constancy of mass of elements and not their weight or number makes the compounds. Scientists have understood that and hence many compounds could be easily synthesized with great purity and activity.   Therefore setting a task and measuring the achievements, the corporate bosses must follow the best scientific approaches and only then the effort versus result can be equilibrated. Otherwise some set of people will invest great effort but still will not get result while some, get result but do not know how they got such results.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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The HR message of lion and zebra

Why the corporate life has lot of problems and confusion? Why people often fight with each other? If we understand the problem philosophically, we can easily accept the truth of nature that none can be blamed, neither the victim nor the one who is accused to be the cause.

What is good for me is and can be, good only to me and it need not good to others is the absolute truth nature has followed. When a pride of lions hunt a zebra or wildebeest, it is definitely good for the pride of lions and but not good for zebra or wildebeest. Especially the zebra or wildebeest that got hunted has calf and that needs absolute maternal care.   Imagine, not only the mother animal has lost her life; her precarious calf has also become an orphan and in big trouble. But the same hunt only saves the life of the precarious young ones of most predators.

What is good for me can only be good for me and need not be good for you is the law of nature on which the evolution of large number of species of plants and animals are placed.

The ironic fact is that most of the corporate bosses introduce different rules, HR policies, new appraisal and increment systems, new hierarchy and reporting pattern etc., in corporate with a strong belief that it would do good for everyone. Definitely the one who introduce such new initiatives will be rewarded and it will be good to them also. Most corporate also will recognize and appreciate those who have introduced the above, may be by giving promotion etc.

But the serious question is that whether such new initiatives introduced by some one in corporate would really serve any good to everyone in the corporate. In truth, it need not. Only such imbalances cause most of the problems in corporate. But the leaders never understand the truth and always engaged only in convincing the merit of such new schemes to people. They never even bother to know how other feels and find it to be very useful.

The evolution of different species of animals and plants will clearly show that how the true meaning of the word ‘good’ can be highly subjective, relative and limited.

The question is that whether any corporate can introduce schemes or rules satisfying every employee is possible? Definitely such an approach is not possible and should not be attempted also.   But never assume that what is good for you will automatically good to others as well.   Be patient at least to know about the peoples views.

Leaders never believe that what they have done is always right, final and good for everyone. Look at the true story of lion and zebra; you can easily understand the truth.

Dr S Ranganathan


Trigger of our mistakes….a HR insight

Often we tell to people to move to the sides (periphery) of a busy road from its center. Walking on the center of a busy road is always not safe as it might invite accidents. It means, to avoid an accident, pedestrians should prefer the edge of a road than the centre.

If we hit or hammer at the centre of any substance, the peripheral portions would break first and may get separated also. We get our feet cracked especially the peripheral portion with age only due to the above reason i.e., ‘stress, pressure and force always migrates to the periphery’ and cause damage.

It also conveys another management message to the corporate world. When the boss is in turmoil, the weakest subordinate (even disliked subordinates) will the first target and they are the one suffers the worst. If the torture of the boss continues, the subordinate may move away from the corporate and may look for another job. The people who leave the organizations are the one who have moved away from the center of the corporate. Only when they move away from the centre, they could leave the organization. Moving away from the center does not mean the physical movement. It refers to the movement of people from the core values, beliefs and the HR culture of the organization. As they do so because it is sickening them.

If they are convinced of the values and beliefs of the organization and respect and revere the HR culture, naturally no employee would prefer to leave the organization. When people are frustrated due to the self centered, erratic and eccentric behaviour of the bosses, they move to the periphery of the organization as being in the periphery give them safety.

Usually the bosses are the principle cause of most people leaving the organization. Attrition is more due to bosses than due to those who migrate. But most corporate seldom recognize the above truth because those who have to recognize the above truth are also in the same position having several subordinates. Therefore most bosses wisely prefer to ignore, burry or never speak about the truth especially when the organization suffer from attrition.

Imagine, if the earth does not have gravitational force, you and me also when accidentally moves to the periphery of the earth, would fall into the space and spinning over there, alive or dead. Earth pulls everything towards it. Interestingly the gravitational force is higher in polar regions than in the equatorial line. In the polar regions one may easily slip through if the gravitational force not high. Even when an object jumps to the periphery and tries to off from earth, the gravitational force attracts the object towards it.

The HR culture of the organization should be such even when an employee wishes to leave the organization due to an irritating boss it should attract the employee and dissuade them from leaving the organization. When the HR culture is such, the isolated problems will never interfere and influence the big decisions of people.

Many big decisions and mistakes in our life are triggered largely by some small problems.  These problems can be otherwise managed easily. Only the culture of the organization can achieve that and hence the leaders must set only such supportive HR culture in the organization.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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The strong should support the weak…a HR message

Why most flowers even when they have sweat nectar inside them also have very attractive and brilliantly coloured petals and fragrance? Nature has done the above not for the plants alone to ensure pollination but also to ensure the successful existence of the pollinators. ‘Success of all’ is the philosophy of nature.

Sense organs like eye, ear, nose, taste and touch are extremely important to all. Without having any functioning sense organs, life becomes very dull and difficult to live.

Flowers are generally diversely coloured and are very attractive as well. Because of their attractive and colourd petals, the pollinators can easily get attracted towards them. Once the pollinators come towards the flower, the flowers offer pollens, nectar etc., to the pollinators to eat. As a reward, the pollinators pollinate and help the plants to produce fruits to propagate. Only to justify the above purpose of propagation and procreation (pollination), plants have coloured and attractive flowers, nectar and fragrance. The flowers do not want to loose any opportunity and hence have both attractive petals and fragrance. The pollinators can hence easily recognize them the flowers and can find their success.

It also conveys another management truth. The pollinators that have strong sense of smell but poor in seeing and the pollinators that have an acute vision but poor sense of smell, both should not miss the information of the flower being blossomed. Only from the blossomed flower, these pollinators can have their food to survive.

Imagine, if an insect that has lost its ability to see also should not miss the presence of the blossomed flower as they can recognize them through the smell of flowers. Imagine how beautifully the nature has created flowers with both beautifully coloured petals and fragrance. Nature wants both the plant and their pollinators should achieve success. Only when the complete and total welfare of the entire team, i.e., the plants and the pollinators are achieved, the nature could exist.

The corporate leaders must understand the above management message correctly. They should ensure the success of everyone in the corporate. Even when the boss favour and support a subordinate and provide them extra powers and facilities, should ensure others in the team should not fail due to such favouratism or partiality.

The advantage given to flowers to achieve success should also equally support the success of the pollinators. Unfortunately most corporate bosses never think of the welfare of the organization. They often subject their leadership quality, style and character to prejudice, own likes and then neglects the interest of the organization.

Look at the beauty of nature. Even when a pollinator goes blind due to some reason, still it will not miss the chance of finding its food. The same way, the flower also will not miss a pollinator because suddenly it has gone blind.

Leaders must follow the principle of facilitating everyone in the corporate to achieve success even when some one has a defect or limitation. Limitations should not limit one and extra advantage should not make one to be arrogant to suppress others. The extra advantage of one should help the weaker one to overcome their limitation. That should be the leadership quality of true corporate bosses.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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