The strong should support the weak…a HR message

Why most flowers even when they have sweat nectar inside them also have very attractive and brilliantly coloured petals and fragrance? Nature has done the above not for the plants alone to ensure pollination but also to ensure the successful existence of the pollinators. ‘Success of all’ is the philosophy of nature.

Sense organs like eye, ear, nose, taste and touch are extremely important to all. Without having any functioning sense organs, life becomes very dull and difficult to live.

Flowers are generally diversely coloured and are very attractive as well. Because of their attractive and colourd petals, the pollinators can easily get attracted towards them. Once the pollinators come towards the flower, the flowers offer pollens, nectar etc., to the pollinators to eat. As a reward, the pollinators pollinate and help the plants to produce fruits to propagate. Only to justify the above purpose of propagation and procreation (pollination), plants have coloured and attractive flowers, nectar and fragrance. The flowers do not want to loose any opportunity and hence have both attractive petals and fragrance. The pollinators can hence easily recognize them the flowers and can find their success.

It also conveys another management truth. The pollinators that have strong sense of smell but poor in seeing and the pollinators that have an acute vision but poor sense of smell, both should not miss the information of the flower being blossomed. Only from the blossomed flower, these pollinators can have their food to survive.

Imagine, if an insect that has lost its ability to see also should not miss the presence of the blossomed flower as they can recognize them through the smell of flowers. Imagine how beautifully the nature has created flowers with both beautifully coloured petals and fragrance. Nature wants both the plant and their pollinators should achieve success. Only when the complete and total welfare of the entire team, i.e., the plants and the pollinators are achieved, the nature could exist.

The corporate leaders must understand the above management message correctly. They should ensure the success of everyone in the corporate. Even when the boss favour and support a subordinate and provide them extra powers and facilities, should ensure others in the team should not fail due to such favouratism or partiality.

The advantage given to flowers to achieve success should also equally support the success of the pollinators. Unfortunately most corporate bosses never think of the welfare of the organization. They often subject their leadership quality, style and character to prejudice, own likes and then neglects the interest of the organization.

Look at the beauty of nature. Even when a pollinator goes blind due to some reason, still it will not miss the chance of finding its food. The same way, the flower also will not miss a pollinator because suddenly it has gone blind.

Leaders must follow the principle of facilitating everyone in the corporate to achieve success even when some one has a defect or limitation. Limitations should not limit one and extra advantage should not make one to be arrogant to suppress others. The extra advantage of one should help the weaker one to overcome their limitation. That should be the leadership quality of true corporate bosses.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Desire, Dream and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum


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