The HR message of lion and zebra

Why the corporate life has lot of problems and confusion? Why people often fight with each other? If we understand the problem philosophically, we can easily accept the truth of nature that none can be blamed, neither the victim nor the one who is accused to be the cause.

What is good for me is and can be, good only to me and it need not good to others is the absolute truth nature has followed. When a pride of lions hunt a zebra or wildebeest, it is definitely good for the pride of lions and but not good for zebra or wildebeest. Especially the zebra or wildebeest that got hunted has calf and that needs absolute maternal care.   Imagine, not only the mother animal has lost her life; her precarious calf has also become an orphan and in big trouble. But the same hunt only saves the life of the precarious young ones of most predators.

What is good for me can only be good for me and need not be good for you is the law of nature on which the evolution of large number of species of plants and animals are placed.

The ironic fact is that most of the corporate bosses introduce different rules, HR policies, new appraisal and increment systems, new hierarchy and reporting pattern etc., in corporate with a strong belief that it would do good for everyone. Definitely the one who introduce such new initiatives will be rewarded and it will be good to them also. Most corporate also will recognize and appreciate those who have introduced the above, may be by giving promotion etc.

But the serious question is that whether such new initiatives introduced by some one in corporate would really serve any good to everyone in the corporate. In truth, it need not. Only such imbalances cause most of the problems in corporate. But the leaders never understand the truth and always engaged only in convincing the merit of such new schemes to people. They never even bother to know how other feels and find it to be very useful.

The evolution of different species of animals and plants will clearly show that how the true meaning of the word ‘good’ can be highly subjective, relative and limited.

The question is that whether any corporate can introduce schemes or rules satisfying every employee is possible? Definitely such an approach is not possible and should not be attempted also.   But never assume that what is good for you will automatically good to others as well.   Be patient at least to know about the peoples views.

Leaders never believe that what they have done is always right, final and good for everyone. Look at the true story of lion and zebra; you can easily understand the truth.

Dr S Ranganathan


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