Partiality behaviour of corporate bosses

Problems due to ‘partiality’ of leaders are common among corporate. Some bosses are known to be partial towards some of their subordinates and prejudiced with the rest. Even in animal kingdom, the existence of partiality is well known. Lion while defending its cubs, hunt and eat the calf of a buffalo or wildebeest.   Partiality is everywhere and without which no one could survive. But the question is whether partiality is physical or biological phenomena?

The truth may appear more fictitious than real. Partiality is very much a physical phenomenon. Look at the nature. Why several coloured objects around us appear in own colour when flash of light is passed on them, than in any other colour. According to physics, each object appears in its own colour because of the effect of light. The white light spectrum is combination of seven colours. Different objects reflect all colours from light except their own colour and hence appear in own colour.

If we ask the question philosophically, are the objects not partial to own colour than other colours, we could get to the bottom of the truth. Is it not due to such partiality, different objects could appear in own colour than in any other colour?

During appraisal, during giving incentives, bonus, promotion etc., most bosses are known to be partial towards some of their subordinates. They show some level of favoritism towards them. Unfortunately the people on the other side of the coin grieve and complain about such style of their bosses.

Even the owners of some corporate do show such partiality towards their sycophants and ‘yes’ people. Partiality outscores all merits of people in most corporate. Interestingly, the leaders are expected to be above such behavioural temptation. But we have to understand the truth that partiality cannot be abolished and at the best, the leaders can be told to be aware off the above and conduct accordingly. It is the physical display as well. Hence the mere behavioural changes alone will not be sufficient.

The HR must educate both the subordinates and the bosses about the science of partiality and make them mature about it. Even the physical substances do exhibit the trait of partiality. Therefore, it is impossible to cease partiality. In physics and chemistry, such process is called ‘affinity’ and in biology it is referred as partiality.

If we scientifically understand the behavioural style of people, many of our negative expressions can be minimized and reduced and so are the conflicts and grief due to them. We can easily overcome from complaining mode to surpassing mode by accepting the truth and its origin.

Partiality is not a mere selfish expression of the biological form but it exists heavily in physical form as well. Who knows, it may be the physical expression of our body, we are attributing to the leadership quality of people.


Dr S Ranganathan


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