Superior man from inferior begining…a HR message

Nature has produced man only as yet another animal in this biome and therefore man is no way different from other animals from the point of view of his evolution or origin. He was a hunter gatherer once. The question is what made the man so different as what he is today?

If the corporate people ask the above question, certainly will get an answer to most of their personal problems even if they do not get an answer to the larger question of what made the man so different from other animals.

The superiority of man over other animals in nature is only due to the partiality of nature on man by creating man as the most inferior creature, physically. In the physical strength, man is the weakest when compared to other animals. Even the bite power of an ant to its body size is quite high. Even in carrying the weight or running at great speed with reference to their body weight, an ant, butterfly or mosquito would easily over power the man.   It means, man is made weak physically by nature.

Only the physical limitation of man has made the man to be the supreme power over all other life forms in nature.   Even a microbe is more powerful than man from the above point of view.

Hence, the man used his intelligence to overcome his limitation and that is how man has become the supreme over other life forms in nature. The management message to be understood by the people in corporate is that whenever you suffer from partiality or discrimination from your boss and whenever you find a definite limitation in you, never grieve but learn to overcome them by other means.

Only when one refuse to explore other means and options, cry helplessly. Most of our helpless states are not really due to our helplessness but only due to our thinking and admission of helplessness.

We are willing to state our helplessness than willing to help ourselves by using our innovative thinking, creative intelligence, imaginative skills and exploring the alternatives.

Do not limit your capability due to the partiality of your boss or the special admiration and favouritism earned by the people around your from their bosses. Remember they are dependents and therefore it works for them. But you are different and independent. Therefore use your independent thinking and overpower your limitations and adversities.

If the above cardinal management essence, the corporate people learn, instead of wasting their time in grieving, complaining or criticizing about others or own fate and destiny, people become smarter like how the biological man has become ‘intelligent man’ since his evolution and become the conquer of all life forms on earth.

The point is that derive motivation and strength form discrimination and partiality, you can do wonders is the message nature conveys through its creation – the man.

Now you need to introspect whether you are man or other living being?

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

Dream, Desire and Destination – Social Entrepreneur Forum




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