Is Siddha system time tested or not….who should ask and find?

Always it is said that Siddha system is time tested system and hence all the Siddha preparations are safe. Nothing on earth because it was practiced or followed for centuries can become safe. Use of nicotine and smoking is practiced by humans since time-immemorial. Does it mean smoking is good and safe? asked Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

Trikadu is one of the famous Siddha preparations said to have several medicinal values. It is composed of dried ginger and piper (chukku, milagu and thipilli). Trikadu is a classical Siddha preparation and hence it is time tested and naturally it is safe also. Can we administer this preparation to a person who suffers from acute gastritis? The meaning of time-tested ness is unfortunately misunderstood and mal-used by many.

If we peruse the nadi (pulse) reading method of Siddha system, the narration of the method is quite elaborate. While reading the nadi, it is said that the patient’s condition like whether they had meal, have done any physical exercise like running or they suffer from emotional imbalances etc. Further it is said that the reading of pulse in male should be done on right hand and for female, left hand.

Even the influence of weather in pulse reading is mentioned. During April to May, pulse should be read at sunrise, October and November moths, read at noon. December, January and February, the reading should be taken at sun set. August and September, reading must be taken from the right hand.

In Siddha, it is mentioned that the Jeeva dhatu is affected by doshas and doshas are by the weather conditions. So the time of reading like noon where the pitha doha will be high, during cold weather, kapha pulse will be high and during hot season, the vatha dosha will be high.  Even the measurement of pulse reading is clearly narrated as Vadha as 1 mathira, Pitha as ½ mathira and Kapha as ¼ mathirai and Siddhars have listed 4448 diseases.

The above method of diagnosis is the fundamental principle of Siddha system. Siddha private practitioners must develop their skills in the above rather than using modern gadgets like stethoscope, thermometer, BP apparatus etc., wished Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

If we look at the nadi (pulse) reading method of diagnosis of Siddha, we may not find much science in it, but it is beyond science and comprehension of ordinary mind.  

One MD Siddha gradate told me that she had tried for MBBS admission but could not get through. Some one misguided her to pursue Siddha as Siddha is also a medical course like MBBS. Only after joining for the course, she had realized that the course is thoroughly different from allopathic system and has nothing to offer to cure or treatment.

The interesting point is that many have joined the BSMS course only with such wrong presumption or notion, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD- Siddha.   Because of the unfulfilled desire of becoming MBBS clinicians, many resorts to practicing allopathic drugs after graduation and use stethoscope, thermometer, BP apparatus etc., and tries to fulfill their inner joy that they are also like MBBS practitioners, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

Like physiotherapy, Siddha cannot come to the main line of treatment. It is only a supportive therapy. The system is more for healthy individuals and for people post treatment (during convalescent stage). Of course, for patients suffer from various non-communicable diseases like Psoriasis, Vitiligo etc. Siddha can offer some relief.

But the system has been wrongly classified as treatment and cure centric system and promoted as Siddha System of Medicine.   This misnomer had made the system to compete with allopathic system of medicine. In such competition, Siddha system cannot win not only today, but it cannot win even after 1000 years also, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.

Another twist of trick also we can find in the reasons for why it was classified as System of Medicine. By doing so, many Siddha graduates could get postings in PHC’s and other rural dispensaries and the salary is also equal to that of MBBS graduates. So such misnomer has created enormous employment opportunity for them.

But think about those who could not join the government service? Only option left for them is private practice. In private practice, they are also seen by the patients as doctors and therefore expects drugs prescribed by them should work. If these private practitioners prescribe Siddha preparations, can they ever offer any treatment benefit to an ailing patient? Asked one Siddha private practitioner? Therefore they have no choice but prescribe allopathic drugs despite lacking competency.

Our beloved Prime Minister Modi Jii is said to be a tough task master. Therefore we request him to ask to AYUSH, CCRS and NIS why they cannot re-classify the Siddha system as Health and Relief based system so that all private hospitals also can create role of Siddha practitioners to provide health tips and Siddha health preparations to patients who seek treatment, said Dr Abdul Abbas. Those who want to practice can do so in the area of non communicable diseases where they can use several Siddha relief preparations.

Without competency when Siddha practitioners prescribe allopathic drugs, only the gullible people in the rural areas are the one who bear the brunt.  

Is it ok to continue such quackery or will our government ever wakeup? Let god save those innocents.  As a citizen of this great country, we request the Health Department and Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and to our beloved Amma J Jayalalithaa to do the needful to stop the menace and save Siddha system.

Dr S Ranganathan


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