Why children of Siddha clinicians does not prefer Siddha course?

An interesting statistics was told to me by one Siddha practitioner. The statistics shows that about 40 – 60% of allopathic clinicians encourage, want and some how ensure their children study allopathic (MBBS) course. But in the past 25 years, only 1% or may be less, the children of BSMS and MD graduates in Siddha have come to study BSMS course. Interestingly, the children of many Siddha graduates are studying MBBS, Engineering and other courses. What we need to understand from the above statistics? Asked the Siddha practitioner?

The second generation of Siddha graduates do not prefer Siddha curriculum either they may not have any interest in such subject or the parents would have discouraged them. This is the trend in past 20 years.

The truth of the matter is that those who come from the Siddha family are not choosing to study the Siddha system. But the scenario is different with allopathic system. If we look at this truth closely, we can really understand the truth and what is wrong with the system.

The Siddha practitioner further told me that he would prefer his son to study other courses and never and not BSMS or other ISM courses. Some of the graduates shared their pain and regret with us that only after joining the course they have understood the course to be different from allopathic system. But unfortunately the Siddha system is packaged, displayed and sold as ‘Siddha system of Medicine’ and the degree is awarded as BSMS and MD, almost equivalent terms of MBBS and MD.

Naturally those who aspire to study MBBS and have missed the race due to some unfortunate reasons will not like to waste another year again in trial. When people were in such frustrated state, naturally the BSMS would look like gold as it has some glitters, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha. Further, some said that later only they had realized “all glitters are not gold”.   Why they disregard the course later is because the system has nothing to offer to treatment and cure and what it has is only for some relief and that too in non communicable diseases.

Many had regretted for making such mistake of joining the course, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD- Siddha. They did so because the course is packaged as – BSMS and MD. Naturally those who have learned their lesson by giving their life as price will not allow the life of their children end up in regret and sorrow, said one Siddha practitioner. That may the strong reason why the second generation do not prefer Siddha curriculum.

Siddha course is quite rewarding for those who could join the Government service. The salary they receive is equal to that of an allopathic graduate, said one Siddha practitioner.

The Government must bring serious accountability in AYUSH by asking where the Siddha system will really fit. Unfortunately only the least faith born out of hopelessness of some patients gives a little hope and scope to the system.

Why the AYUSH, NIS, CCRS etc., can speak boldly that Siddha has limitations in treating and curing patients, it can give only some relief to patients who suffer from non communicable diseases and the system is for health and relief and not for cure and treatment, felt one Siddha practitioner.

The policy makers in higher echelon are reluctant speak the truth to the public may be because if they do so, they might loose the paraphernalia, ‘lal batti’ status and other benefits given to them by the Government. The innocent private practitioners are the one who suffers the worst, said Dr Abdul Abbas, MD-Siddha.


The system has lot to offer to humanity. But mis-interpretation of the course and making it parallel to MBBS due to the wrong positioning of the system only had made our precious system to suffer.

Time has come to re-position the Siddha system as health and relief centric one and bring strict clinical establishment bill for Siddha practitioners.

Dr S Ranganathan


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